Extra online games over Christmas and New Year

This Christmas again sees online games on on all public holidays with Funbridge, including an extra one on Boxing Day.

Whether you're already an avid Funbridge player, or a first timer, Christmas is a great time to play, as there will also be a free game on New Year's Day.

As always, games will start at midnight, and you can play at any time up until 10pm, stopping and starting as often as you like - so you should be able to fit it in around any festivities.

If you are spending time with any bridge playing friends or family over the holiday period, then do encourage them to have a go and have some friendly competition among yourselves. The free New Year's Day game is an ideal opportunity for them to see if they enjoy Funbridge.

Remember there are two ladder competitions, and plenty of chances to win a cash prize this month, with ten games remaining. Check out your current standings.

If you like online bridge games, you may also enjoy our 2019 EBU Online Knockout. Entries are now open (closing on 14th January). It is for teams of four (from a squad of up to six), all of whom must be members of the 'home union' federations - so tell your friends in all corners of the British Isles.