Funbridge Ladder Results

Taking place throughout 2018, the first annual Funbridge ladder competition is finally over. The overall winner by a narrow margin was Clive Keep with an average score of 67.62%. In second place was Andrew Eastwood with an average score of 67.58%. It was a closely contested competition with Andrew Eastwood winning the monthly ladders in the last 3 months of the year. Third place went to John Pemberton with a very respectable average score of 66.90%.

The top ten positions will receive cash prizes and the top three additionally get Funbridge software. There are also extra prizes for people who played in every single (or all but one) game over the course of the year, they too will receive Funbridge software for their home computers.

The free New Year's Day game was very popular with a total of 609 people playing. The overall winner on the day was Getz Gosho, with a great score of 73.19%.

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