London Year End Results

The winners of the three session Swiss Pairs competition at the London Year End Congress between Christmas and New Year were Odin Svendsen & Espen Erichsen with 170 VPs. Second place went to Sebastian Kristensen & Peter Taylor with 152 VPs. Joint in third place were Dean Mortlock & Andrew Collins and Jeremy Dhondy & Richard Hillman both with 149 VPs.

The Swiss Teams competition was very tightly contested with the winners eventually being the team of Tom Townsend, Thor Erik Hoftaniska, Janet De Botton, Artur Malinowski who finished on 104 VPs, just one VP ahead of second place team Jacek Lapszys, Sandy Riach, Paul Spencer, Marc Chawner on 103 VPs. Third place went to the team of Norman Selway, Kay Preddy, Phil Bailey, Mike Hampton who were only one VP behind second place, with 102 VPs.

The Open Pairs competition was won by Ben Green & Ankush Khandelwal, narrowly ahead of Madelaine Sheldon & Jacqui Tobias. The Mixed Pairs competition was won by Paula Hopkinson & Dick Davey, just ahead of Michael Byrne & Sarah Bell.

The new Jack High Swiss Pairs (aimed at players with an NGS rating of no higher than a Jack) was won by Steve Langridge & Jacqueline Collier, they finished with 86 VPs, four ahead of joint second place pairs Geoffrey Chapman & Nick McCarthy and Mustapha Rahaman & John George.