2019 grants to clubs for capital expenditure

Once again the English Bridge Union is happy to accept applications from clubs for grants to assist them with capital expenditure.

The most common applications in the past have been for assistance with buying dealing machines or wireless scoring systems, though in principle any capital expenditure might qualify. Small items and those not considered capital expenditure, such as bidding boxes, tables or cloths, will not usually be funded unless there are small reserves left after awarding the main grants.

The EBU will provide funding to successful applicants of no more than half the total expenditure, but the fund available is limited and, in order to help as many clubs as possible, those who apply for a smaller proportion are more likely to be successful. As a guide, in 2018 the largest grants awarded were for £600.

  • Only affiliated clubs may apply for a grant
  • Clubs that are successful must undertake to remain affiliated to the EBU for at least three years or repay the appropriate portion of the grant
  • Clubs that have received a grant in the last three years may not re-apply
  • Clubs must make their purchases from the Bridge Warehouse except for items not stocked by them, such as electronic scoring. When buying Duplimate dealing machines, clubs will additionally be able to take advantage of the extra discount available to affiliated clubs

Applicants should email gordon@ebu.co.uk by 5pm on April 15th, with as much of the following information (in brief is acceptable) as can be provided:

  • What equipment is needed and what is its total cost
  • How much contribution from the EBU is being requested
  • Where the remaining funds will come from (providing us with a copy of the club’s accounts might be useful supporting documentation in this regard)
  • Why the club can’t fund the entire purchase
  • Whether other clubs will also benefit from the grant, such as if the club is intending to deal boards for another club as well

You can read about the grants given in previous years here.