Team Mossop triumphs in Schapiro Spring Foursomes

The Mossop Team have won Schapiro Spring Foursomes last night, one of the great events in the English calendar.

Team Mossop (pictured left to right: Tom Paske, David Mossop, Justin Hackett, Jason Hackett, Alex Hydes and Ed Jones) faced tough competition over the gruelling 5-day event. They won the 32-board final against Team Amalia (Castner, King, Gruencke, Rohowsky) by 8 IMPs after a tumultuous last set of 8 boards.

The defeated semi-finalists were Team Penfold (vs Team Mossop) and Team K1 (vs Team Amalia).


The primary consolation event - the Punchbowl - was won by the team of Duncan Happer, Ben Green, Ankush Khandelwal and Ben Norton (picture). They defeated the team of John Atthey, Richard Chamberlain, Paul Denning, Richard Plackett, Patrick Shields and Garry Watson in the final.

Hamilton Cup

The Hamilton Cup - a Swiss Teams for those eliminated from the Punchbowl, or joining the event on Monday - saw the team Sally Brock, Catherine Curtis, Paul Fegarty & Barry Myers (picture) win after beating the team of Kare Bogo, Tor Elvind, Espen Fasting & Gruden Lars in a head to head.