Team Mossop wins EBL Open Teams

Congratulations to Team Mossop on their gold medal win at the European Open Champions in the Open Teams in Istanbul, Turkey.

The team is made up of Edward Jones, Thomas Paske, Justin Hackett, Alexander Hydes, David Mossop and Jason Hackett (pictured left to right).

They are the first English team to win a major event at the European Open Championships. They beat the Netherlands Blue team (Danny Molenaar, Berend Van den Bos, Joris Van Lankveld, Tim Verbeek, Ton Bakkeren (cp)) in the final, which saw Mossop take the lead with a very strong third set, and hold on to win by 48 IMPs. The bronze medals went to Rushka (Poland/Russia) and Texan Aces (USA/India/Israel).