Raine & Cooper do the double at Scarborough

Steve Raine & Chris Cooper finished the weekend by winning the Swiss Pairs with 171 VPs (picture), 2 VPs ahead of Nick Woodcock & Susan Fjortoft, and 7 VPs ahead of Chris Derrick & Tommy Brass. They are pictured here with team mates John Sansom and Jason Hackett, as winners of the A final of the teams event (L-R: Chris Cooper, Steve Raine, John Sansom and Jason Hackett). Jeremy Dhondy, Bill Hirst, John Holland and Jackie Pye won the B Final. The two consolation finals were won by Denis Murphy, Pearl Murphy, Kathy Talbot & Denis Talbot and Sue Woodcock, Nick Woodcock, Stuart Clarke & Susan Fjortoft.

In the Seniors Pairs that started off the congress, Jeremy Dhondy & Bill Hirst had won the A Final, the B Final had joint winners in Denis Murphy & Pearl Murphy and Paul Murray & Peter Grauer, and the Consolation Pairs was won by Carolyn Fisher & Pat Watson. Thursday night's Pre-Congress Open Pairs was won by Chris Derrick & Tommy Brass.