August online competition

August's competition for our online games, hosted by Funbridge, has concluded.

In the main August matchpoints ladder, Andrew Eastwood finished top of the leader board. His best six scores in the month averaged 66.08%, and he wins £30. There were also cash prizes for second to fifth places.

In the handicap ladder, for the players whose scores exceed their NGS by the greatest amount. Paul Nicholas scored an average of 60.19 over the top six games, with a handicap of 10.75, winning £10. There is also a prize for second place, won by Wendy Nuttall.

Starting in September, Funbridge has a new tournament, where players can win prizes every weekend!

Each weekend tournament will be chosen at random and announced by Funbridge, but will always be scored by MPs. There will be prizes available for the top three places:

  • 5/3/2 credits to players respectively ranked 1/2/3 (1 credit for Funbridge points tournaments + remaining credits -if applicable- for EBU tournaments)
  • Players approaching 40/50/60/70% thresholds (but should not be above): 1 credit for EBU tournaments + 1 credit for Funbridge Points tournaments
  • The dates for the first six tournaments are

      Saturday 7th September 2019
      Sunday 15th September 2019
      Saturday 21st September 2019
      Saturday 28th September 2019
      Sunday 6th October 2019
      Sunday 13th October 2019

    They will be also a prize for a monthly challenge.