Graham Osborne wins Player of the Year Championship

Congratulations to Graham Osborne, winner of the Player of the Year Championship for 2018/19.

The Championship awards points for finishing in the top positions of major competitions, and Graham topped the table after winning the Premier League and Crockfords Cup, and high finishes in the National Point-a-Board Teams and Easter Pairs.

The leading players were:

1st Graham Osborne 32 3rd= David Mossop 29 6th= Glynn Liggins 26
2nd Justin Hackett 31 5th Tony Forrester 28 6th= Tom Paske 26
3rd= Jason Hackett 29 6th= Ed Jones 26 9th Alex Hydes 24

The full list of points scorers, and information on the 2019/20 competition, which restarts in October with the finals of the Gold Cup and the Two Star Pairs at the Autumn Congress, can be seen via