Guernsey Congress Winners

The ten-day Guernsey Congress concluded on Sunday with victory for Rune Hauge, Reidar Laland, Dan McIntosh & Tim Gauld (pictured) in the Swiss Teams event.

Gary Hyett & Alan Cooke won both the Men's Pairs and the Senior's Pairs (picture).

Both the Pivot Teams and the Seniors Multiple Teams was won by the Goldwin Team of Denis Talbot, Kathy Talbot, Shirley Goldwin & Brian Crack, who scored an emphatic victories in both competitions. In the Pivot Teams they finished 38 VPs ahead of second place Gauld Team on 31 VPs, with the Latham team in third place with 30 VPs. In the Multiple Teams they scored more than double the IMPs of the second placed team with 120 IPMs. Second place went to the Latham team with 46 IPMs and in third place was the Andrew team with 30 IMPs.

The Women's Pairs was won by Janet Latham & Agnes Baxter (picture) with a score of 62.5%. In joint second place were Carolyn Fisher & Pat Watson and Mary Andrew & Margaret Andrew with 53.47%.

The winners of the Mixed Pairs were Brian Parkin & Susan Jones (picture). John Seymour & Brenda Walker were second, with Alec Smalley & Barbara Lewis third.

The winners of the Swiss Pairs were Rune Hauge & Reidar Laland (picture), with 175 VPs. In second place were Denis Talbot & Kathy Talbot, with 163 VPs and in third place were Dan McIntosh & Tim Gauld with 162 VPs.

The first win of the congress went to Joan Murphy & David Killick (picture), winners of the pre-congress pairs with a score of 67.59%. John Honey & Cameron McLatchie were second with 59.81% and Jacqueline Crispini & Cherry McMillen were third with 59.58%.

The other winners at the congress were:

Pre-Congress Pairs - Joan Murphy & David Killick (picture) Pivot Teams - Denis Talbot, Kathy Talbot, Shirley Godwin & Brian Crack (picture)
Men's Pairs & Seniors Pairs - Gary Hyett & Alan Cooke (picture) Ladies' Pairs - Janet Latham & Agnes Baxter (picture)
Mixed Pairs - Susan Jones & Brian Parkin (picture) Swiss Teams - Rune Hauge, Reidar Laland, Dan McIntosh & Tim Gauld (picture)
Multiple Teams - Dan McIntosh, Andy Hall, Alex Gauld & Tim Gauld (picture) Senior Multiple Teams - Brian Crack, Shirley Goldwin, Kathy Talbot & Denis Talbot (picture)