October issue of English Bridge out now

The October 2019 issue of English Bridge is out now and will be delivered to eligible members in the next few days.

Columns from our new Contributors 

This month we have two new contributors, Stephen Kennedy and Chris Jagger. Stephen has written an article looking at defence, and how to lead against No Trumps. Chris has written the first in a series of articles that will pick apart his system, giving us insight into the nuances he derives from the conventions they play, and their measures and counter-measures to deal with difficult situations.

The 2019/2020 Members' Diary  

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We believe this is the environmentally and financially responsible action to take in order to eliminate waste. If you do still wish to receive the diary, then please opt in and we will be very happy to send one to you.

Calendar Update - Kent Green Point Congress

The 60th Kent Green Point Congress is taking place from 26th - 27th October in Tunbridge Wells. This was missed from the magazine calendar in error.

The online version, which contains extra content, is available via My EBU (use the 'Magazine' link in the top right corner of the My EBU webpage). More information on accessing and using the online version is available here.