Dhondy team leads Premier League

The team of Heather Dhondy, Brian Callaghan, Barry Myers & Sally Brock lead the First Division after the first weekend of the Premier League. They ended the first round-robin with a 16.16 VP lead over the team of Cameron Small, Jon Cooke, John Cox & Peter Taylor.

The Second Division is being led by the team of Tim Leslie, Mike Bell, Michael Byrne & Kieran Dyke. Paul Hackett, Croz Croswell, Jason Sansom & David Debage lead the Third Division.

The second and third weekends take place on 26th/27th October and 9th/10th November.

In addition to this being a prestigious competition in its own right, it serves as a trial with the winners of the First Division earning selection to represent England in one weekend of the Camrose Trophy.