Funbridge Ladder Results

December's competition for our online games, hosted by Funbridge, has concluded, and with it the annual competition for 2019, is now over.

In the main December matchpoints ladder, Olivier La Spada finished top of the leader board. His best six scores in the month averaged 66.53%, and he wins £30. Second place was claimed by Andrew Eastwood with an average score of 64.98%, he wins £20. There were also cash prizes for third to fifth places.

In the handicap ladder, for the players whose scores exceed their NGS by the greatest amount. Bryn Smith finished top of the leader board over the top six games, with a handicap score of 7.52, winning £10. There is also a prize for second place, won by Richard Aubery.

The overall winner for the 2019 annual ladder competition was Andrew Eastwood with an average score of 68.23%. In second place was Dominic Connolly with an average score of 66.99%. Third place went to Dean Swallow with a very respectable average score of 66.76%. The top ten positions will receive cash prizes.

There will be no Annual Ladder competition this year. Instead, there will be an increase in the prizes for the monthly ladders, especially the handicap one. Also, the IMP ladder will become three-monthly. We hope that all these changes will increase the number of players who win prizes.