Robson & Gold win European Open Trials

The European Open trials, which took place this past weekend, have been won by Andrew Robson & David Gold. They finished the trial with 133.69 IMPs, with Alex Hydes & Ben Handley-Pritchard in second place with 121.69 IMPs. These top two pairs, along with a third pair, to be selected, will represent England at the European Championships in June.

At the same time, the European Women's were taking place, with the top five placed pairs joining the three exempted pairs and competing at the final trail weekend later in the month.

The top five pairs to qualify for the final trial were:

    First - Diana Nettleton & Marusa Gold
    Second - Pauline Cohen & Lizzie Godfrey
    Third - Claire Robinson & Heather Bakhshi
    Fourth - Debbie Sandford & Kath Stynes
    Fifth - Kitty Teltscher & Nevena Senior

The final stage of the trial will take place on 17th - 20th January.

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