Sim Pairs in support of the NHS

To help support the NHS the Surrey County Bridge Association will be running an online Simultaneous Pairs event during from 27th April to 1st May. Each session will start at 10.00am and will consist of 21 boards. It is open to all EBU affiliated clubs, and all EBU members either individually or as a pair. Caterham Bridge Club have kindly agreed to host sessions for individuals and pairs that do not have access to a club that is participating. During the week of these games, the EBU Fast Games at High Noon will start at 12:45pm to allow members to play in both games if they wish.

This is a non-profit making activity for the SCBA. The entry fee will be £6 per person per session but after covering our costs all of the balance will go to NHS Charities Together

The sessions will be run on Bridge Base Online (BBO) which is free to join and free to play.

To participate as a club you will need to have a BBO accredited TD/Tournament Organiser. If you are able to call on the services of such a person and wish to participate in this as a club then please contact:

To participate as a pair or as an individual and not part of a club then please register via the SCBA website where you will also find joining and payment instructions.

This is our first experience of anything like this but we feel the cause cannot be ignored. We have no idea what we are letting ourselves in for, so if we are swamped with entries, as I hope we will be, please bear with us.

Trevor Hobson
Chairman – Surrey County Bridge Association
For any further information please contact me at: