Virtual Eastbourne - 1st - 9th August

In place of our Summer Meeting in Eastbourne, which has been cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are going to hold an online congress on Bridge Base Online (BBO) in its place on August 1st to 9th. It will have some similarities to the traditional Summer Meeting format, but some differences, mainly due to what is possible in the online environment.

Information about the planned format is now available on the website and more detail will be added to this as it becomes determined. Please note that teams events are entered as usual through our competitions department, but all pairs events are paid in BB$ at the point of registration on BBO.

The first weekend will be a four-session quali-final pairs championship, with two (or more) main finals. This will also be a contributing event for the 2020 Mind Sports Olympiad, for those of you who are interested in other mind sports as well as bridge.

The second weekend will be a teams’ championship in the traditional format with Swiss Teams on Friday evening and all day Saturday, leading to two main finals on the Sunday and continuing as Swiss for everyone else.

Midweek we will have a Knockout Teams, which is one of the much-missed events of recent years and so we hope it will attract a lot of entries since distance will be no object. Depending on numbers, it may be double-elimination (but in any cases two matches will be guaranteed for all teams) and the final stages may continue in to the following week if numbers are large.

Also mid-week we will hold our Progressive Congress (formerly known as the Really Easy Congress) with events, games and classes for those who are less experienced but seeking to progress their game.

There will be a number of other things happening, as detailed on the webpage, including mid-week ladders from our regular daily games, late-night speedballs on Saturday nights and some “Discuss it with an Expert” seminars in the mornings.