Premier League 2020 Update

In the light of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the Selection Committee has made the following decisions concerning the 2020 Premier League, after seeking the views of teams who played in 2019:

  • The first weekend of the Premier League (12-13 September) is cancelled. The Committee is actively working towards ensuring that the second and third weekends (17-18 October and 7-8 November) take place, but at this stage it is impossible to know in what venues or exactly how they will run.
  • If the Premier League has to be cancelled altogether, then an online Premier League that involves promotion and relegation and serves as the trial for the Camrose teams will NOT be held.
  • If the 2020 Premier League is cancelled but the 2021 Camrose Trophy is played, teams will be chosen by some means to be determined by the Committee.

For more details view the Premier League page