Interesting Bridge Article in this week's Sunday Express

Picture of a woman playing bridge online Since Lockdown, even those of us who in the past may have shied away from technology, have found ourselves drawn by the game of bridge to dip our toes in the virtual world. Indeed if you haven’t already given it a go there’s never been a better time with plenty of options for every level of player.

Bridge can help improve the mental fitness of those at every age. You are never too young or old to start playing bridge and learning on-line has never been easier. If you have children or grandchildren no doubt you have weekly zoom meetings so why not add a bit of fun and teach them to play?

Writing for the Sunday Express S-Magazine, Essex EBU member, Cath Fox, explores the new virtual world of Bridge during Lockdown and how this has been good for bridge, whatever your age or profile. You can read the full article in this week's Sunday Express on 26th July.