Senior Marketing professionals - your organisation needs you!

Following on from our general advert, the EBU has a very strong need for professional Marketing expertise to help the EBU drive the growth of Bridge in England.

Interested? Please email Gordon Rainsford your interest, availability and CV or résumé to

• Title: CMO-EWG (Chief Marketing Officer - Executive Working Group) volunteer
• Description: one of a small group of Marketing professionals, collaborating in an EBU Executive Working Group (charter)
• Reporting: as a group to the CEO, Gordon Rainsford
• Hours: part-time, hours and days completely flexible. Expectation 5-10 hours a week.
• Areas of responsibility: Marketing/PR, strategy, execution (where appropriate)
• Scope: national (England) and international collaboration/partnerships

• Experience: one of Marketing (product, services, corporate), Public Relations or business entrepreneur
• Level: expert, senior level, typically reporting into the Chief Executive, likely CMO
• Availability: typically recently retired, semi-retired, or possibly, working
• Eligibility: existing EBU staff in existing paid roles are not eligible, but EBU volunteers (e.g. Board members) are acceptable as a temporary measure until the groups have sufficient members to operate successfully.

Volunteers at the EBU
The EBU Board members are all volunteers, who generally have a non-executive role and liaise with the EBU Chief Executive. The EBU Executive Working Group members are also all volunteers, who generally have an executive role and who report into the EBU Chief executive.