County Chair Meeting September 2020

The County Chair meeting took place on Wednesday via Zoom. The minutes will be written and published shortly.

For those who missed the meeting, it was recorded and you can watch the full session on the EBU YouTube channel:

  • County Chair Meeting 2nd September 2020 (Please note the discussion about clubs reopening starts 38 minutes in)
  • Text chat and questions appear below:

      00:24:22 James Parker DERBYSHIRE: 50% of Derbyshire affiliated clubs are hosting online events.
      00:31:15 James Parker DERBYSHIRE: In Derbyshire the main county club was purchased by a fund provided by Derbyshire Clubs and players, that is a ltd company and they are facing financial issues. Other non bridge users of the building have restarted their events (e.g. Slimming World)sonow have aprox 40% money coming in. They are also keen for a return of F2F bridge
      00:33:55 Kathy Talbot: OBA has no premises but has traditionally used the OBC club. It is likely that OBA regular nights will continue online.
      00:37:12 Lesley Millet Yorkshire: YCBA also running on behalf of the EBU - The Great Northern as a multiple pairs on BBO on the 3rd & 4th October
      00:37:32 Pippa Green - Bedfordshire: I only have a reaction for a thumbs up or clap
      00:37:56 Ian Payn Chair: Thumbs Up is fine!
      00:38:39 Pippa Green - Bedfordshire: Bedfordshire has completed it's qualifier, one of the team members is not able to play online
      00:39:51 Paul Mollison Essex: Not all of our tollemache players wish to play online
      00:41:25 Nigel Durie NEBA: I think that would also be the case for NEBA but I suspect we would find a team even if weaker than usual
      00:41:52 Colin O'Hara Bedford chair: Is there a website for Real Bridge and if so what is the web address
      00:43:56 Kiat Huang : Board / Lincs: RSVP Bridge has audio (but not video)
      00:44:07 Patrick Shields: RealBridge info is available on BridgeWinners
      00:44:26 Kiat Huang : Board / Lincs:
      00:45:29 Kiat Huang : Board / Lincs: Real Bridge (UK) info
      BridgeWinners -
      00:46:51 Kiat Huang : Board / Lincs: and their website we went to for the trial is this - - but nothing to see but a login screen.
      00:48:55 Alan Mould (Manchester): Thanks Paul, that is really kind
      00:52:48 Lucy Cross Wiltshire: There is an unaffiliated club in Wilts opening F-2-F 14th Sept - they think they have 5 tables, playing with masks and gloves
      00:53:27 Paul Mollison Essex: First Class Bridge (Billericay) has reopened with 4 tables
      00:54:38 James Parker DERBYSHIRE: Having reviewed guidance papers I could not formulate a risk assessment for playing F2F bridge without having corner-corner screens in place.
      00:55:18 Lucy Cross Wiltshire: The club in Wilts also has screens
      00:56:09 Patrick Shields: Some counties are very worried that some clubs would go ahead in breach of regulations - but feel powerless
      01:00:38 James Parker DERBYSHIRE: If you read the government guidance for Pubs and restaurants screening is a mitigation that is accepted for social distancing
      01:09:13 Paul Roberts: "Suggest "and rewarding" after "enjoyable"
      01:12:04 Nigel Durie NEBA: I'm pleased to see that "internationally" has been removed from the Mission Statement, so that the stress is on the vast majority who do not play internationally.
      01:16:09 Paul Roberts: How do we make bridge more enjoyable? Need to specifically address this
      01:18:01 RonFM: Paul Roberts Hi You are quite right. That is the challenge we face for all these objectives. To flesh them out with detailed content that can be acted on...
      01:19:17 Paul Roberts: The Mission breakdown must address every aspect of the Mission statement - if not no point in having it
      01:19:30 Lesley Millet Yorkshire: I agree with Paul - "enjoyable" needs to be promoted
      01:21:31 RonFM: Paul yes that’s true and I imagine it will be a running work in progress that we will all contribute to. And adjust to match changing circumstances...
      01:21:52 Colin O'Hara Bedford chair: As far as I am concerned item 9 is the most important item and should be top of the list
      01:22:05 Malcolm Pryor : Suffolk: In answer to the exam question points 4 5 6 and 7 in the mission breakdown have way too much emphasis currently, versus point 9 which is the key
      01:22:39 Peter Bushby: Might be worth also asking 'how well is this done today?' as well as 'how important is this'
      01:25:09 Paul Roberts: Nos 2,4, 5,6,7,10,11 Could be summarised as "Organising and Regulating competitive bridge"
      01:25:47 Nigel Durie NEBA: Very good point
      01:26:35 Keith Stait, Herefordshire: and much more succinct
      01:26:36 Peter Bushby: on the other hand 2 & 4 could expand beyond what we currently think if as competitive bridge as we know it today
      01:27:19 Paul Roberts: True, but the wording suggests that's not in anyone's mind
      01:27:44 Peter Bushby: if e.g. 2 was'running a wide variety...'
      01:36:37 Paul Roberts: Strategy Components have hint of making bridge playing more fun!
      01:36:41 Lesley Millet Yorkshire: with competitions as there are no walls - people can pick and chose where they play
      01:52:40 Peter Bushby: What feedback has Giorgio had so far? We are sadly not impressed by EBS. Relaxed games are really great. Progressive section of Virtual Eastbourne also really good.
      01:52:54 Patrick Shields: I'd like to ask if/how Giorgio sees County Associations supporting and being supported by EBED
      01:53:02 Kathy Talbot: Oxfordshire Bridge Association is running a Nine High competition every Thursday evening. All Nine Highs welcome.
      01:54:21 Peter Bushby: Exactly what we've found in Suffolk people like relaxed game and social chat after. Attracts new blood.
      01:55:55 Norman Inniss Kent: Has anyone cracked running mini bridge on line?
      01:58:49 Pippa Green - Bedfordshire:
      01:59:12 Ian Sidgwick Glos.: I’d like to see a sample of the content. the videos I found were just about system navigation
      01:59:31 Bev Purvis: Not exactly I haven’t found a platform that has interactive Minibridge play - I use BBO and give students HCP guidance on when to choose part score/game and then declarer just puts in eg 1NT or 3NT followed by 3 passes so that the students can play
      01:59:42 Peter Bushby: EBTA Teachers all have access to EBS
      01:59:50 Kathy Talbot: Some feedback I had was that teachers felt their own online course was better than the EBS course
      02:01:06 Malcolm Pryor : Suffolk: The videos on system navigation are done well. The problem is the EBS content - teachers generally are saying that it isn't helping them, compared with their own material.
      02:02:06 Bev Purvis: Many teachers are not EBTA members - what is being done about showing these teachers EBS
      02:02:18 Norman Inniss Kent: A lot of teachers are not teaching on line. This may be a way to encourage others to take the plunge.
      02:03:54 Pippa Green - Bedfordshire: I'm an EBTA teacher and was going into schools to teach minibridge. Unfortunately, schools are unable now to run after school clubs. Being able to offer online minibridge would be most beneficial in order to approach the schools again.
      02:07:53 James Parker DERBYSHIRE: for the young players an app based version could be attractive
      02:08:09 Ken Johnston: Sorry, need to leave now. Thanks for an interesting and informative meeting. Apologies Giorgio, would liked ti
      02:08:20 Norman Inniss Kent: Probably essential!
      02:08:33 Ken Johnston: o have listened longer.
      02:08:42 Bev Purvis: I have a contact at the Virtual Freshers Festival - they are interested in having Minibridge lessons taught online during the 3 day festival in late September
      02:09:10 Kiat Huang: Tricky Bridge app is designed to address that. Very colourful, fun and slick gameplay.
      02:12:30 Pippa Green - Bedfordshire: Apps are great for practice but it doesn't help in an online way to teach a group of kids first
      02:12:30 Kiat Huang: