Experience RealBridge before the Autumn Congress - extra game added!

In preparation for the Autumn Congress later next month, we will be offering a number of short (six boards) free games on RealBridge this week to give people the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the playing environment before the event.

The final free game is on Monday evening (5th October) at 7.45pm.If you would like to play, please send an email to gordon@ebu.co.uk with "RealBridge trial" in the Subject line and you will be sent details about joining the games. This is to enable us to prepare for the appropriate number of players.

The unique feature of RealBridge is that it uses your computer’s audio and video to simulate live play at a table, so you can see your partner and opponents. If you don’t have video or audio you can still play in the more usual online manner, communicating by text. Players do not need a partner to join the short trial games.