National Handicap Championship Pairs

The National Handicap Championship Pairs is a national competition suitable for all members, taking place on BBO 4th October at 2pm, hosted by Virtual Clubs.

The special thing about it is that the results will be adjusted by applying a handicap based on each pairs NGS grade. Everyone will have a chance of winning simply by playing better than usual. Players will need to have their NGS visible.

For a full list of clubs taking part, visit the National Handicap Championship Pairs webpage. There will also be a national heat run by the EBU with an entry fee of BBO$6, for those whose local clubs are not running it. The event will be open for registration on BBO two hours before the start time of 2pm and can be found by logging in to BBO and selecting Competitive - All Tournaments and searching for EBU.

The event will be played as a single extended session, of 26-30 boards, scored by match-points at all participating virtual clubs. We expect clubs will choose to have a break half way through.

This event is open to all virtual clubs. You can register your club for the event by going to your club's MyEBU page, Utilities - Sim Pairs - National Handicap Championship Pairs. If your club doesn't yet have a Virtual Club, please contact for help in setting one up.