Silver Plate -a history

This competition was introduced in 1980 for early losers in the Gold Cup.

Last updated 11th Dec 2018

Year Players
1980 Grattan Endicott, John Hill, Ted Reveley, Ralph Churney, C J Morley, A Daughton
1981 Alan Hudson, Rosie Hudson, Ian Thomson, Sally Harris, Mike Perkins
1982 Cliff Ralphs, Bill Hirst, Eric Milnes, M Foulds, P Purcell, W Gibson
1983 Graham Allan, G Chamberlin, Gerry Stanford, K. Woodward
1984 Graham Allan, G Chamberlin, Gerry Stanford, K. Woodward, A J Roberts
1985 Denis O'Donovan, John Sarjeant, Jimmy Tait, Tony Philpott, Brian Cowley, R Green
1986 Peter Lee, Margaret Lee, Ken Ford, Ian Swanson
1988 Graham Horsley, Tim Rees, Andrew MacNair, Roger Gibbons
1989 Caroline MacPherson, Judy Belcher, Robin Belcher, Michael Pater
1990 Richard Pike, F Dixon, Giles Foster, Liz Reese, A Hughes, Steve Ray
1991 Mike Dignen, Roger Amey, Elfed Evans-Jones, Tony Odams, Tom Melvin, Derek Griffiths
1992 (1) Fred Bell, John Roberts, Rodney Lighton, Ian Pendlebury, David Smith, Alan Jones
1993 Leslie Reece, A Sant, Mike Amos, T Parkes, Glyn Preece
1994 Graham Horsley, Roger Gibbons, Andrew MacNair, Tim Rees, Alan Kay, Jerry Cope
1995 Catherine Draper, Ian Draper, Anne Rosen, Steve Burton
1996 Andrew Thompson, Tony Clark, David Maeer, Ray Robinson, Douglas Smerdon, Lawrence Young
1997 Roger Amey, Elfed Evans-Jones, Mike Dignen, Paul Brereton, John Aspinall, Julie Aspinall
1998 Catherine Draper, Ian Draper, Anne Rosen, Steve Burton, Tony Clark, Richard Fedrick
1999 Peter Kelly, Alex Hogg, I Hall, R Mallinson
2000 Richard Pike, Roger Taylor, Dave Robinson, Peter Waterman
2001 Robert Glass, Jeremy Rickard, Marc Lee, Angela Pullen
2002 Mike Amos, P Cuthbertson, Philip Glanville, Mike Leese, Steve Wood
2003 Dan Crofts, Andrew Thompson, David Stevenson, Sandra Fenton, Mike Goldsmith
2004 Adrian Knight, Tony Poole, Leslie Reece, Glyn Preece, Justin Corfield
2005 (2) Tom Gisborne, Sandy Davies, Mike Pomfrey, Dave Robinson
2006 Jim Grant, Stefan Lindfors, Rob Lawy, Bob McRobert
2007 Clive Owen, Bill March, Julian Gibson, Val Gibson
2008 Richard Edwards, Bob Ross, Peter Kelly, Alex Hogg, John Griffin, Don Smedley
2009 Gabriel Ip, Giles Ip, Steven Dannell, Paul Darby
2010 Mike Perkins, Ian Reissmann, Tim Rees, Peter Hawkes
2011 Mike Best, Mark Roderick, Liam Sheridan, Kevin Maddox, Liam Scott
2012 Mike Tedd, Tony Disley, Patrick Jourdain, Roger Penton, Tony Ratcliff, John Salisbury
2013 Gary Jones, Jerry Harouni, Dafydd Jones, Ray Robinson, Ed Scerri
2014 Dan Crofts, Celia Day, Sandra Fenton, Gary Hyett, Graeme Robertson, Andrew Thompson
2015 Tony Poole, Stewart Fishburne, Chris Philp, Mike Willoughby (picture)
2016 Richard Edwards, Alex Hogg, Peter Kelly, Robert Ross, Don Smedley, John Griffin
2017 Sarah Teshome, Tony McNiff, Richard Winter, Bill Townsend, Tom Cohen (picture)
2018 John Dick, Edward McGeough, Kevin Strathern & David Wiseman

(1) Teams were permitted to enter without first having played in the Gold Cup in this year as an experiment.
(2) Run by BGB from 2005 to 2011