Roger Morton

Roger first became involved in bridge administration in 1963, when he joined the committee of the Mayfield Bridge Club. He only served in this capacity for one year as he then moved away from the area and in fact travelled the world, not returning to London until 1972. In 1973 he joined the BP Bridge Club where, over a period of 17 years, he served progressively as a committee member, 1st team Captain and Chairman.

Roger has been a qualified bridge teacher since the late 1970s, he passed the EBU 'Advanced' examination in 1981 and became an EBUTA (now EBTA) Professional teacher in 1998. He taught extensively, on a voluntary unpaid basis, from 1975 until 1990 in a variety of local sports clubs. He continues to teach on a voluntary basis though now less intensively, including running bridge on cruise liners.

Roger joined the LMBA Committee in 1997, and since then has been one of the hardest workers for the Association. He initially took on responsibility for promotion of the London Trophy, the knock out teams competition for teams from the South East of England from non-bridge clubs, which peaked at an entry of over 300 teams. He later took on the organisation of the annual Green-pointed Joint Venture Swiss Teams and Pairs, which he ran for a period 7 years.

One of his biggest contributions has been as county webmaster. He set up our website in 2000 and has continued to develop and maintain it ever since - it has always been impressively accurate and up-to-date.

Roger has also been Membership Secretary for the Association since 2006. Most recently, he has volunteered to become the London County Club representative on the Regional Club Committee.

In addition to these major roles, Roger has been one of the most consistent and valuable contributors to all the general work of the London Executve committee. His wealth of experience as a bridge player, teacher and administrator means that he always has a sensible suggestion or useful point to make in all our discussions. And he has done much to help sort out our finances during the county's recent difficulties with regard to its Treasurership.