Margaret Hatch

Margaret moved to Maidenhead in 1973, and became a member of the National Housewives Register. She was asked to run the bridge section, discovered duplicate bridge, and was, to quote her husband, “totally hooked”. The county bridge scene has benefited ever since.

In 1980 she gained her EBU Bridge Teaching Certificate and in 1990 she qualified as a club director, one of the first to do so in the county. In 1992 she obtained her County Director’s Certificate, (passing first time when many did not). She has been assisting and directing at county events ever since, in addition to work at club level.

At county level she has over the years taken on the majority of the administrative burden of all county events, and the “green point” events run in conjunction with the EBU. Her hard work and excellence over the years has ensured many successful competitions. She continues in the demanding role of Events Co-Ordinator even though she has taken on the additional responsibility of County Chairman. Many people in the clubs have also received training from Margaret on EBU club directors’ courses.

Over the past 15 years or so, she has given an enormous amount of time, effort and enthusiastic support to bridge in the county.