Peter Swinnerton-Dyer

Peter Swinnerton-Dyer, who died on 26 December 2018 at the age of 91, was in his younger days an international bridge player, representing the British team twice in the European Open teams championship. In 1953 at Helsinki he was partnered by Dimmie Fleming (the only occasion a woman played on the British Open team): the team came second out of fifteen teams. In 1962 he was partnered by Ken Barbour; the team came fourth out of twelve teams at Beirut.

London Year End Results

The winners of the three session Swiss Pairs competition at the London Year End Congress between Christmas and New Year were Odin Svendsen & Espen Erichsen with 170 VPs. Second place went to Sebastian Kristensen & Peter Taylor with 152 VPs. Joint in third place were Dean Mortlock & Andrew Collins and Jeremy Dhondy & Richard Hillman both with 149 VPs.

The Swiss Teams competition was very tightly contested with the winners eventually being the team of Tom Townsend, Thor Erik Hoftaniska, Janet De Botton, Artur Malinowski who finished on 104 VPs, just one VP ahead of second place team Jacek Lapszys, Sandy Riach, Paul Spencer, Marc Chawner on 103 VPs. Third place went to the team of Norman Selway, Kay Preddy, Phil Bailey, Mike Hampton who were only one VP behind second place, with 102 VPs.

The Open Pairs competition was won by Ben Green & Ankush Khandelwal, narrowly ahead of Madelaine Sheldon & Jacqui Tobias. The Mixed Pairs competition was won by Paula Hopkinson & Dick Davey, just ahead of Michael Byrne & Sarah Bell.

The new Jack High Swiss Pairs (aimed at players with an NGS rating of no higher than a Jack) was won by Steve Langridge & Jacqueline Collier, they finished with 86 VPs, four ahead of joint second place pairs Geoffrey Chapman & Nick McCarthy and Mustapha Rahaman & John George.

Blackpool Year End Congress Results

At the Year End Congress in Blackpool between Christmas and New Year, Alan Mould & John Holland regained the Swiss Pairs title, which they narrowly lost last year after winning for three consecutive years from 2014 to 2016. They finished on 140 VPs from their ten matches. Second, third and fourth places were all very hotly contested, with only 3 points separating the teams; second place Sue Woodcock & Nick Woodcock, with 133 VPs, third place Martin Kuriger & Hongyan Cao, with 132 VPs and fourth place Bernard Goldenfield & Rhona Goldenfield, with 131 VPs.

The Swiss Teams competition was won by returning champions Sue Woodcock, Nick Woodcock (both for the fourth time), Stuart Clarke (for the third time) & Susan Fjortoft (for the second time). They pipped the team of Bernard Goldenfield, Rhonda Goldenfield, Kath Nelson and Alan Nelson by just 2 VPs.

The Mixed Pairs competition was won by Alan Nelson & Kath Nelson with a score of 58.97%, A very close second place went to John Councer & Susan Sharp with a score of 57.44%. In joint third place was Nick Hunter & Ruby Schnalke and David Harrison & Jill Rushton both with a score of 57.31%.

Funbridge Ladder Results

Taking place throughout 2018, the first annual Funbridge ladder competition is finally over. The overall winner by a narrow margin was Clive Keep with an average score of 67.62%. In second place was Andrew Eastwood with an average score of 67.58%. It was a closely contested competition with Andrew Eastwood winning the monthly ladders in the last 3 months of the year. Third place went to John Pemberton with a very respectable average score of 66.90%.

The top ten positions will receive cash prizes and the top three additionally get Funbridge software. There are also extra prizes for people who played in every single (or all but one) game over the course of the year, they too will receive Funbridge software for their home computers.

The Free New Years day game was very popular with a total of 609 people playing. The overall winner on the day was Getz Gosho, with a great score of 73.19%.

Check out all the results for 2018 here


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