Andrew Eastwood wins July online competition

July's competition for our online games, hosted by Funbridge, has concluded, with Andrew Eastwood finishing top of the leaderboard. His best four scores in the month averaged 66.98%, and he wins £30. There were also cash prizes for second to fifth places.

Games take place every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, and you can start at any time, stopping and restarting as often as needed. Master Points are awarded in every game, and as well as the monthly competition, there is also an annual competition with cash prizes.

U16s second in World Online final

England's U16 team have finished second in the WBF Online Youth Championships. Playing against China in the four session final, they won two of the sessions, but ultimately finished 51 IMPs behind. Nonetheless, second place exceeded expectations, and has given the team a lot of confidence before they fly to the World Championships in China on Sunday.

Members of the other teams will be completing their preparations by competing in the Summer Festival in London this weekend, before flying East on Monday.

White Book for 2018 now available; Blue book unchanged

The updated White Book for 2018 is now available - 2018 White Book.

A list of changes made to the 2017 version is available here.

The significant change for TDs and players is the increase in procedural and disciplinary penalties - 25% top/6IMP/1VP and 50% top/12 IMP/2 VP (though of course, for players, this only affects them if they fail to follow procedure or behave badly!). Other changes relate to the new laws of bridge from 2017, updates made by the EBU, and changing interpretations by the Laws & Ethics Committee.

The Blue Book is unchanged in 2018 - the 2017 remains the correct book to use.

EBU makes donations to charity

The EBU is pleased to have made donations to charity on behalf of its members.

Whenever a club holds a charity event a special, reduced licence fee is paid to the EBU, and the EBU periodically donates the collated fees to charity.

The fees collected for the financial year 2016/17 - £1057.89 - have been donated to support hospice care for children and young adults.

The fees for 2017/18 - £1026.90 - have been donated to EBED, to help support its work to continue the growth of the game in England.


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