Other Games

This page has a list of links to other games that you might enjoy.


The UK Backgammon Federation is the national body for backgammon in the UK. Visit their site for a list of tournaments, to find your nearest club, or to learn how to play if you are a complete beginner.



English Chess Federation Logo

The English Chess Federation is the national body for Chess in England. They support players of all strengths from beginner to grandmaster. Find out more about playing chess online, over the board at your local club, or in regional and national competitions and events.



The Croquet Association is the national body for Croquet in England. They support players from garden enthusiasts to world champions as well as providing for all your croquet equipment needs. Find out more about playing croquet, joining a local club and all the events going on across England.



The British Go Association (BGA) is the national body for the 3,000 year old Oriental game of Go, also known as Igo, Weiqi or Baduk.  Go is very easy to learn, but very deep. It was not until 2017 for a computer to defeat the world's best player. Visit our site to find a club near you or to learn how to play - a few simple rules, but with limitless possibilities. We welcome everyone from beginner to expert; play online or in person.



The UKMA's aims are primarily to enable, facilitate and promote the playing of mahjong tournaments in the United Kingdom conforming to internationally recognised rules. It also seeks to promote and encourage the interests of all forms of the game of mahjong in the UK.



The Association of British Scrabble Players is the official body for tournament Scrabble in the UK. It seeks to promote the game and bring together all abilities, supporting players and organisers alike.  The organisation also provides online leagues and events and links to Scrabble clubs.