Scarborough Summer Congress Teams B Final

for the Mike Ingham Trophy

The Congress started in 1998 but in the early years the teams was a Swiss event.

Last updated: 19 August 2019

Year Winners
1998 Geoff Foley, Brenda D Foley, Derek Oram, Celia Oram
1999 Not available
2000 Not available
2001 Grahame Weir, Mike Theelke, Sharleen Robson, John Sansom
2002 Not available
2003 Not available
2004 Andy Fenn, Chris Cook, Monica Lucy, Alan Cooke
2005 Malcolm Oliver, Bill Townsend, Cedric Cockcroft, Alex Hogg
2006 Marie Lawrence, Amanda Hawthorn, Malcolm Young, Alan Kenny
2007 Andrew Petrie, Veronic Petrie, Bill Wattleworth, Liz Wattleworth
2008 Roger Taylor, Bill Barraclough, Richard Pike, Ian Johns
2009 John Sansom, Richard Jephcott, Mike Theelke, Grahame Weir
2010 Alan Oddie, Iain Roberts, Robert Miller, Bill Taylor
2011 Nick Woodcock, Sue Woodcock, Paul Hepworth, Lynn Hepworth
2012 Richard Pike, David Waxman, Steve Blackburn, Gill Copeland
2013 Bill Niccol, John Gladders, Patricia Tuff, David Morrison
2014 Barry O’Connor, Piers Percival, Stuart Coggrave, Pam Coggrave
2015 Glenda Lloyd, Peter Boardman, Sally Wraight, Philip Wraight
2016 Bill Wattleworth, Liz Wattleworth, Andrew Petrie, Veronica Petrie
2017 Babs Matthews, John Farmer, Bill Whyte, Joyce Whyte
2018 William Clennell, Dominic Cooke, Charles Bucknell, Dominic Price
2019 Jeremy Dhondy, Bill Hirst, John Holland, Jackie Pye