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Welcome to the Event Hub for the Summer Festival 2018. Here you will find links to results, articles, important information and photos from the event. We hope you'll check back frequently as this is updated.


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  Sunday 19th Four Stars Swiss Teams A Final B Final
      Session 4 Overall
    One Day Swiss Pairs  
  Saturday 18th Four Stars Swiss Teams Session 2 Session 3
    One Day Swiss Pairs  
  Friday 17th Four Stars Swiss Teams Session 1 (ranks & travellers) Session 1 (scores)
    Point-a-Board Teams  
  Thursday 16th Mixed Pairs Championship Overall results
  Wednesday 15th Mixed Pivot Teams Overall results
  Tuesday 7th GCH Fox Championship Pairs Overall results
  Monday 6th Play with the Experts Pairs Bath BC local results Huddersfield BC local results Richmond BC local results
      Sheffield BC local results St Leonards BC local results Overall results
  Sunday 5th Swiss Pairs Session 4a Session 4b Overall
  Saturday 4th Swiss Pairs Session 2 Session 3
  Friday 3rd Open Pairs  
    Swiss Pairs Session 1

Articles and seminars

Brian Senior Swiss Pairs report Four Stars Teams report
Frances Hinden & Jeffrey Allerton Swiss Teams, session 1 Swiss Teams, session 2
Michael Byrne Swiss Pairs, session 1; Swiss Pairs, Final

Due to a number of factors, unlike at the Summer Meeting in Eastbourne/Brighton there will not be any seminars (to 'Discuss it with the Experts') at the Summer Festival.

News and updates

AUG‑24, 11:28 Please note that the date and venue for the 2019 Summer Meeting listed in the EBU diary are provisional, and dependent on the renovations to the Devonshire Park complex being completed on schedule.
AUG‑20, 14:14 Fresh from winning the Brighton Bowl for the Swiss Teams part of the Four Stars Teams, Brian Senior has written about some interesting deals from the competition - article
AUG‑19, 21:08
After a close finish, the Four Star teams, has been won by the Teltscher team - Mark Teltscher, Zia Mahmood, Tom Townsend, Artur Malinowski & Bernard Teltscher - just 4 VPs ahead of two teams tied for second. Chocoholics will enjoy the fact it was between the Green and Black teams - Ben Green, Andrew Murphy, Jon Cooke & Cameron Small, and Gunnar Hallberg, Derek Patterson, Andrew McIntosh & Phil King respectively. Results The B Final was won by Chris Dixon, David Jones, Trevor Ward & Peter Shelley, with Kieran Dyke, Frances Hinden, Paula Leslie & Jeffrey Allerton in second. Results The Swiss Teams, which continued after the top team progressed to the finals, was won by Norman Selway, Kay Preddy, Sandra Penfold & Brian Senior. Results
AUG‑19, 20:58 Congratulations to Eryk Gozdowski & Tony Mutukisna, winners of Sunday's Swiss Pairs. Unusually, there were three undefeated teams, and Eryk & Tony pipped Naseer Dashti & Easter David by a single VP, with Steve Auchterlonie & Anne Balderson another 3 VPs back.
AUG‑18, 21:15 The participants in the Four Stars Finals are now known, as after ten rounds in the Swiss Teams the top eight teams now move on to tomorrow's A Final, with the next eight in the B Final. The remainder carry on in the Swiss Teams The top team after ten rounds was Gunnar Hallberg, Derek Patterson, Andrew McIntosh & Phil King, with 145 VPs. The Oram, Cope and Plackett teams were tied in second on 130 VPs.
AUG‑18, 20:45 Congratulations to David Wright & David Fletcher, winners of Saturday's Swiss Pairs. They were undefeated and finished on 97 VPs. Gay Keaveney & Martin Jones lost only to the winners and were second with 90 VPs, with Lars Manneteg & Carmen Tuason in third with 82.
AUG‑18, 11:25 Frances Hinden and Jeffrey Allerton are authors of this morning's article, looking at a deal from the first session of the Swiss Teams.
AUG‑18, 06:45 Simon Cope, Diana Nettleton, Alex Hydes & Ben Handley-Pritchard had a perfect evening in the first session of the Four Stars Teams, winning all three matches 20-0. They are 13 VPs ahead of Victor Silverstone, Willie Coyle, Kitty Teltscher & Steve Eginton, with Kieran Dyke, Frances Hinden, Paula Leslie & Jeffrey Allerton in third on 45. There are seven more rounds on Saturday, after which the top teams will compete in head-to-head A & B finals and the remaining teams continue in the Swiss Teams.
AUG‑17, 22:45
Congratulations to the winners of Thursday's Mixed Pairs Championships, Tracy Capal & David Sherman. Playing at Richmond BC they scored 67.82%, with Norman Selway & Louise Selway in second with 65.77%, and Catherine Draper & Andrew Petrie in third with 64.87%.
AUG‑17, 17:30
The first competition of the second weekend in London was the Point-a-Board Teams, and this was won by Petar Ivanov, James Thrower, Todor Tihilov & Ali Ahmed. It was a tight competition and they finished just one point ahead of the Graham and Pilecki teams
AUG‑16, 16:45 The Summer Festival got going again with the Mixed Pivot Teams on Wednesday at a few venues around the country. Congratulations to the winners, Bernard Goldenfield, Irving Blakey, Rhona Goldenfield & Joy Blakey who finished with +103 IMPs. Cathy Davies, Nelson Stephens, Sue O'Hara & Mike Davies were second with +76, just 1 IMP ahead of the teams of Peter Oake, Tanya Genthe, Mike Graham & Ian Moss, and Bernie Hunt, Val Mollison, Steve Cade-Bowyer & Paul Mollison.
AUG‑08, 14:45
Congratulations to Steve Root & Niall Igoe for winning the GCH Fox Championship Pairs. 185 Pairs took part across the five venues, and the winners, playing at Richmond BC, finished with 68.24%. John Brandon-Joyce & Vanessa O'Callaghan, who played in Bristol, were second with 67.19%, and Sarah O'Connor & Frances Hinden were third with 65.99%.
AUG‑07, 11:05
Congratulations to Roger Morton (pictured) & David Ould, who played at Richmond BC, for winning the Play with the Expert Pairs. They were the leading E/W Pair, and their score was further ahead of the average E/W score than the leading N/S Pair was ahead of the N/S average. The leading N/S Pair was Andrew Parkes & Richard Samter, who played at Bath BC.
AUG‑06, 14:11 Are you feeling the squeeze? Brian Senior has written about some interesting deals from the Swiss Pairs, and squeezes which earned declarer almost all the match points are a prominent feature - article 3
AUG‑06, 11:28 Earlier we pondered whether Gabor & Peter's victory by 35 VPs was a record margin. Well, it is certainly the highest since 1986, and even if the event had finished after the usual 14 matches their margin of 25 at that point would, we think, still be the highest in that period.
AUG‑06, 10:58 Gabor & Peter's victory in the Swiss Pairs means they are new entries at 15th= in the Player of the Year leaderboard. Chris Jagger's runners-up spot takes him in to the top 20 too - current standings
AUG‑06, 09:26 Michael Byrne has taken to his keyboard again, to write about a deal from the final session of the Swiss Pairs - article 2
AUG‑05, 18:55
Congratulations to Gabor Winkler & Peter Lakatos, who almost led from start to finish (they won their first match 20-0 but slipped off the top spot briefly on Saturday evening) to win the Swiss Pairs Championship at the Summer Festival. The Hungarian internationals finished an impressive 35 VPs ahead of the field - we'll have to dig through the archive to see if any pair has ever won by more. Tony Waterlow & Waseem Naqvi and Ian Pagan & Chris Jagger finished in a tie for second place, and Chris Duckworth & Brian Callaghan and Dan McIntosh & Rune Hauge were tied for fourth.

The Brighton Plate for the leading C Stratification Pair was won by K Rahman & Alex Crystol who finished in =14th position.

Finishing positions

AUG‑04, 21:55 There's a tie at the top of the standings in the Swiss Pairs with five matches still to play. Peter Lakatos & Gabor Winkler remain in first, but they are joined by the 2014 champions, Mark Teltscher & Tom Townsend. Mike & Sarah Bell are in third, 8 VPs behind.
AUG‑04, 17:55 Peter Lakatos & Gabor Winkler maintained their lead during the second session of the Swiss Pairs. Despite only one outright win in the three matches they stayed a point clear of the field. Ingar Hansen & Guy Hart are second, and Victor Silverstone & Gerald Haase remain in third.
AUG‑04, 08:26 Kicking off the reports from the Summer Festival, Michael Byrne looks at two slams from the first session of the Swiss Pairs - article 1
AUG‑03, 22:55 Peter Lakatos & Gabor Winkler lead after the first session of the Swiss Pairs. They are on 59 out of a possible 60 VPs, one ahead John Atthey & Garry Watson and three ahead of Victor Silverstone & Gerald Haase.
AUG‑03, 19:15
Congratulations to Andrew Thompson & Dan Crofts who won the first event of the Festival, the Open Pairs on Friday afternoon. They finished with 64.02%, narrowly ahead of Peter Hasenson & David Sherman with 63.36%. Corneliu Rimboiu & Anil Bhandari were third with 61.87%.
AUG‑03, 14:55
The Summer Festival is underway. The Open Pairs has started, and this evening this once empty room will be full of competitors in the Swiss Pairs.

Event programme

Second weekend programmes - Swiss Teams; One Day Swiss Pairs

The session times for the competitions taking place in London are below and can be downloaded here:

Friday 3rd August 2:00pm - 5:30pm Open Pairs (free to Swiss Pairs entrants)
  6:00pm - 9:30pm Swiss Pairs session 1 - early section (3 rounds)*
  7:15pm - 10:45pm Swiss Pairs session 1 - late section (3 rounds)*
Saturday 4th August 11:45am - 3:10pm Swiss Pairs session 2 (3 rounds)
  4:00pm - 8:30pm Swiss Pairs session 3 (4 rounds)
Sunday 5th August 11:00am - 1:20pm Swiss Pairs session 4a (2 rounds)
  2:00pm - 5:30pm Swiss Pairs session 4b (3 rounds)
Friday 17th August 2:00pm - 5:30pm Point-a-Board Teams (free to Swiss Teams entrants)
  6:00pm - 9:30pm Swiss Teams session 1 - early section (3 rounds)*
  7:15pm - 10:45pm Swiss Teams session 1 - late section (3 rounds)*
Saturday 18th August 11:45am - 3:10pm Swiss Teams session 2 (3 rounds)
  4:00pm - 8:30pm Swiss Teams session 3 (4 rounds)
  12noon - 6:30pm One Day Swiss Pairs (at ULU) (6 matches with a short break)
Sunday 19th August 11:00am - 1:20pm Swiss Teams session 4a (2 rounds)
  2:00pm - 5:30pm Swiss Teams session 4b (3 rounds)
  11:00am - 7:10pm Four Stars finals
  12noon - 6:30pm One Day Swiss Pairs (at ULU) (6 matches with a short break)

* - The intention is that the two sections will play 16 out of 24 boards in common for this first session Play in the midweek competitions starts at the following time at each venue:

Bath BC 7.15pm First Class Bridge Academy - Billericay 3.30pm
Bristol BC 7.15pm Huddersfield BC 7pm
Kenilworth BC 7pm Richmond BC 7.30pm
Sheffield BC 7.10pm St Leonards BC 7pm
Tunbridge Wells BC 7.30pm Worthing BC 7.15pm

Parking, accommodation and venue information

Royal National Hotel

The main congress site is the Royal National Hotel, 38-51 Bedford Way, Bloomsbury, London WC1H 0DG - Location map EBU Policy on Venue Hotels Accommodation For details on the accommodation packages available, please see the competition webpage. Or, if you wish to stay elsewhere, the following websites may help you to find alternative options:;; (searches based on 2 nights, 2 people, for the second weekend, sorted by distance to Russell Square - please change these as required)

University of London Union

The One Day Swiss Pairs will be held in the Upper Hall at the University of London Union, Malet Street, London, WC1E 7HY. The Upper Hall is on the 3rd floor - lift access is available. This is just five minutes walk from the Royal National Hotel where accommodation is available (see above). Location map; walking route from the Royal National Hotel


Parking is available in nearby streets for free after 6:30pm on Friday, and after 1:30pm on Saturday. Therefore, if parking in this area for play on Saturday you would need to park shortly after 11:30am and pay for two hours parking. Parking in this area is free all day on Sunday. See this map, and look for area CA-D and CA-D/E. Alternatively, free on-street parking is available all day on Saturday slightly further away in the area north of Euston Road. See this map and look for area CA-G

Travel on the London Underground

The closest underground station to the Royal National Hotel is Russell Square (served by the Piccadilly Line). It is just a 3 minute walk - see the walking route. The University of London Union is almost equidistant between the stations at Russell Square (served by the Piccadilly Line) and Goodge Street (served by the Northern Line - 6-8 minutes walk. Walking route from Russell Square; Walking route from Goodge Street.

Local dining options

As well as the dining options available within the Royal National Hotel, there are numerous others nearby. Some are located just south of Russell Square itself; others are found at Brunswick Square which is few minutes past the Russell Square underground station. Google maps showing some local options - as you move the map other options will be shown. Discounts: The congress host, Mike Eden, has produced a map, showing local eateries, and grouping them by the type of cuisine. He has also been able to arrange a discount at a few of these, which is available to congress participants. See the leaflet here. A Tesco Express is located directly opposite the Russell Square underground station. A larger Waitrose is in the Brunswick Centre. No food/drinks bought outside the hotel may be eaten in the Royal National - Russell Square (which has a cafe which is recommended) and Tavistock Square are good places for a picnic. At the University of London Union, all on site catering will be closed each day, however we are still not permitted to consume on the premises food and drink not bought on site. Therefore during the short interval at the midpoint in the competition please consume any refreshments off site (Gordon Square Garden is a nice place for a picnic and has a kiosk serving drinks and snacks). In addition to the options listed above, other places to get food and drink can be found towards Tottenham Court Road, including a pub (Marlborough Arms), various cafes (including Costa Coffee), and an organic supermarket (Planet Organic).

Midweek venues

For details on the clubs hosting the midweek events, please visit their websites: Bath Bridge Club; First Class Bridge Academy - Billericay; Bristol Bridge Club; Huddersfield Bridge Club; Kenilworth Bridge Club; Richmond Bridge Club; Sheffield Bridge Club; St Leonards Bridge Club; Tunbridge Wells Bridge Club; Worthing Bridge Club

Social media

You can follow us on Twitter - @EBUaylesbury - and Facebook during the congress. As well as posting things here we will also post them on our accounts so will get the news straight to your timelines.

System cards

You are required to have a pair of identical completed system cards and you should exchange them with your opponents at the start of each round. If you do not have two completed system cards, you will be provided with blank ones to fill out before play may continue, receiving a score of average minus for any boards unplayed due to the time lost in doing this - so please come prepared. Since old-style EBU 20A cards are no longer authorised, we would urge all players who are filling out new cards to do so on the more recent EBU 20B card. WBF system cards are not permitted in any of the competitions in this event. Visitors from abroad are asked to take particular care to comply with this. Blank cards, and some pre-completed cards, are available here.

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