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Welcome to the Event Hub for the Summer Meeting 2016. Here you will find links to results, articles, important information and photos from the event. We hope you'll check back frequently as this is updated. For information and links to help plan your trip to Eastbourne please see the 'pre-congress' information page.

Event programme


Dates for 2017 confirmed as 4th - 13th August Due to the change of dates of the 2017 Eastbourne Air Show it has been necessary to change the dates of the Summer Meeting. These are now confirmed as the above, and not 18th - 27th as previously advertised. It is likely that the dates of the Northern Midweek Congress may also change as a result of this. We apologise for any inconvenience or disappointment caused, however we believe this to be the best course of action for the majority of the members.

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You can follow us on Twitter - @EBUaylesbury - and Facebook during the congress. As well as posting things here we will also post them on our accounts so will get the news straight to your timelines.


  Friday 19th Swiss Pairs Session 1; Late Night Speedball - Pairs
  Saturday 20th Swiss Pairs Session 2;
Swiss Pairs Session 3
Late Night Speedball - Teams
  Sunday 21st Swiss Pairs Session 4 Open Pairs; Open Teams One Day Stratified Swiss Pairs
  Monday 22nd Senior Pairs qualifying Open Pairs Really Easy Congress - introductory pairs
    Play with the Experts Pairs Midweek Teams Individual Bridge & Golf competition - bridge; collated
  Tuesday 23rd Senior Pairs main semi-final; secondary semi-final; A final; B final; consolation final GCH Fox Pairs Championship for the Potters Resort Trophy Really Easy Congress: afternoon session, group A, group B; evening session
    Under 26 Championship Pairs - session 1; session 2; overall Open Pairs
  Wednesday 24th Senior Swiss Teams session 1 Really Easy Congress: afternoon pairs; evening teams - blue section, orange section Late night speedball pairs
    Mixed Pivot Teams Open Pairs Midweek knockout teams - semi-final
  Thursday 25th Senior Swiss Teams: session 2; overall Really Easy Congress: Swiss Pairs Midweek knockout teams - final
    Mixed Pairs Championship Open Pairs
  Friday 26th Swiss Teams: session 1 Point-a-Board Teams Open Pairs
    Late Night Speedball - Pairs    
  Saturday 27th Swiss Teams: session 2; session 3 One Day Stratified Swiss Pairs Late Night Speedball    
  Sunday 28th Four Star Teams -
A final: session 1; session 2; overall
B final: session 1; session 2; overall
Swiss Teams: session 4; overall One Day Stratified Swiss Pairs


Brian Senior - 20th August; 21st August; 22nd August; 23rd August; 24th August; 25th August, 1st article and 2nd article; 26th August; 28th August - 1st article, 2nd article. Michael Byrne - 20th August; 21st August; 22nd August; 23rd August; 24th August; 25th August; 26th August; 27th August; 28th August

News and updates

AUG‑31, 10:59 Ian Payn, Chairman of the Tournament Committee, is seeking feedback on the Summer Meeting via facebook. Please make any comments at
AUG‑30, 16:32 The winners of the additional prizes for the best cumulative score across two, and three, of the One Day Stratified Swiss Pairs competitions were Chris Taylor & Bill Gardner, and Elaine Cockerell & Denise Baxter, respectively.
AUG‑30, 15:42 Four awards were presented by the EBU and English Bridge Education and Development at the Summer Meeting this weekend. Alan Shillitoe received the Tom Bradley Award for his contribution to the junior bridge, both for his work with the junior international squads and for his contribution to the development of English Bridge Education and Development's Junior Award Scheme. Tom Paske received the Young Player of the Year Award, and Ben Norton and Sam Behrens received the Young Pair of the Year Award. Jim Proctor, who was the EBU's longest serving Tournament Director when he retired earlier this year, was presented with Life Membership.
AUG‑28, 19:32
Congratulations to the winners in the Four Star Teams. The A final was won by Barbara Travis, Fiona Brown, Gary Hyett & Howard Melbourne. The B final was won by Iain Sime, John Murdoch, Ian Draper & Jeremy Willans
AUG‑28, 18:52
The One Day Stratified Swiss Pairs today was won by Corneliu Rimboiu & Angie Mathers, who was playing in a congress for the first time. After narrowly losing their first match they recorded five large victories to finish on 93 VPs. Chris Taylor & Bill Gardener were pipped in to second place by a single VP, with Jon Downing & Meg Andrews a further two VPs back. There was a four way tie for the prize for top B Stratification Pair between Barry Capal & Hazel Capal, Alan Setchell & Graham Osborne, Anojan Pothalingam & Azad Husein, Simon Oldham & Jim Proctor. The top C Stratification Pair were yesterday's winners, Simon Carter & Jeff Clargo.
AUG‑28, 17:42
Graham Osborne, Peter Lee, Jeffrey Allerton & Frances Hinden have the won the Brighton Bowl - the trophy for the highest scorers amongst those continuing in the Swiss Teams (the top sixteen teams compete in the Four Stars A & B final). They were joint-23rd after ten matches, and went in to the final four matches 4 VPs behind the leading non-qualifying team. They won all four of those matches to finish on 174 VPs, nine ahead of the team of Mike Ash, Christopher Chambers, Alex Gipson & Paul Gipson. In third place were Simon Gillis, Boye Brogeland, Espen Lindqvist & Erik Saelensminde on 163 VPs.
AUG‑28, 15:02
This morning Kren Nielsen gave an introduction to the new Bridge+More equipment.
AUG‑28, 14:22 The final late night speedball of the congress took place night, and saw a comprehensive victory for the team of Alex Hydes, Andrew McIntosh, Tom Paske & James Thrower.
AUG‑28, 14:19 There are two articles from Brian Senior today, one with deals from the Swiss Teams competition, the other with a hand from the One Day Swiss Pairs competition. - article 9; article 10.
AUG‑28, 10:49 Michael's article this morning looks at an early deal from the Swiss Teams which may have proved to be key in whether two teams reached the finals - article 9.
AUG‑28, 23:32 After ten matches in the Swiss Teams competition we know the eight finalists to contest for the Four Stars Teams, and the eight teams to play for the Mayors Cup. The team of Andrew Black, William Whittaker, Gunnar Hallberg & Phil King, which led for much of the event, finished top with 149 VPs. Barbara Travis, Fiona Brown, Howard Melbourne & Gary Hyett were second with 134 VPs. The other qualifiers for the Four Star A final were the Myers, Smalley, Hanlon, Malakova, Woodruff and McIntosh teams. Playing in the B final for the Mayors Cup will be the Pollack, Payn, Mossop, Sime, Dickson, O'Connor, Mackenzie and Cliffe teams. The remaining teams will play a further four matches in the Swiss Teams with the top scorers across the fourteen matches winning the Brighton Bowl.
AUG‑27, 19:22
Congratulations to Simon Carter & Jeff Clargo, winners of Saturday's One Day Stratified Swiss Pairs competition. They won all six matches to finish with 100 VPs. Bill Gardner & Chris Taylor and Christine Dyer & David Dawson were tied for second on 88 VPs. Susan Parkins & Mark Wiggins (see picture here) won the prize for the top B stratification pair, and Bruce Carrison & Elizabeth Bornecrantz (see picture here) for the top C stratification pair.
AUG‑27, 17:42 The team of Andrew Black, William Whittaker, Gunnar Hallberg & Phil King have extended their lead after this afternoon's matches in the Swiss Teams event. They won all four matches to take a 20 VP lead. The team of Barry Myers, Sally Brock, Ben Green & John Holland are second, with Barbara Travis, Fiona Brown, Howard Melbourne & Gary Hyett a further 3 VPs back in third. There are three more matches this evening and then the top eight teams, and the next eight teams, will play in finals tomorrow, with the remainder continuing in the Swiss Teams.
AUG‑26, 14:49 Michael Byrne reports on deals from the first session of the Swiss Teams, including one with a crucial seven of diamonds (and not just for the purposes of winning beers) - article 8.
AUG‑27, 10:42 Friday's late night speedball was won by Chantal Girardin & Szczepan Smoczynski. They achieved 58.33%, with Ingar Hansen & Martin Garvey second on 56.94%.
AUG‑27, 00:42 The team of Andrew Black, William Whittaker, Gunnar Hallberg & Phil King have a three VP lead after the firsy evening of the Swiss Teams. They achieved two 20-0 victories on their way to 53 VPs. Finishing on 50 VPs were the team of Dan McIntosh, Rune Hauge, Glenn Groethei & Petter Tondel and the team of Geoffrey Wolfarth, Ros Wolfarth, Alan Hobden & James Hobden. A further four teams are on 49 VPs.
AUG‑26, 17:12 Friday afternoon featured two different formats - Open Pairs and Point-a-Board (or Board-a-Match if you prefer that terminology) Teams.
The winners of the Open Pairs were Colin Haywood & Ian Kemp with 65.40%. Sarah Teshome & Richard Winter were second with 62.16%.
The Point-a-Board Teams was won by Alistair Kent, Andrew McIntosh, James Thrower & David Debbage, a single point ahead of the team of David Price, Paul Hackett, Jason Hackett & David Mossop.
AUG‑26, 13:02
Ian Mitchell has given two seminars today on EBUScore - an introduction and a more advanced 'trouble shooting' session. EBUScore is the scoring software which is available free to all affiliated clubs and counties, and to all EBTA members.
AUG‑26, 14:49 In his new article Michael Byrne looks at deals from the Mixed Pairs Championships - article 7.
AUG‑26, 13:09 Brian Senior reports on what might be tactfully described as a 'disappointing result' from the Mixed Pairs - article 8.
AUG‑26, 13:02
Simon Cope delivered the Expert Seminar on Friday, discussing 'Superior Slam Bidding'.
AUG‑26, 09:32 Congratulations to Susan Deacon & Jim Deacon who won the Mixed Pairs competition yesterday evening. They finished on a big score of 68.37%, with Alex Hydes & Susanna Gross second on 64.37% - a score which would have won in previous years. Christine Jepson & Neil Watts were third.
AUG‑25, 18:32
Congratulations to the team of Brian Crack, Shirley Goldwin, Diana Avis & Colin Wilson, who won the Swiss Teams in the Mercian Travel Seniors Congress this afternoon. They won three of their four matches yesterday to lie third overnight, and picked up a clean sweep today to finish on 114 VPs. This gave them victory by just 2 VPs over Kath Nelson, Alan Nelson, Bernard Goldenfield & Rhona Goldenfield, who also won all four of their matches today to jump up from ninth to second.
AUG‑25, 18:22
The Really Easy Congress concluded today with a Swiss Pairs event. Congratulations to the winners, Anne East & Gill Leese, who won six of their seven matches to finish on 108 VPs. Gerry Lynch & Dave Spink were second with 104 VPs, and David Riecken & Lynda Riecken, who were undefeated, finished on 103 VPs.
AUG‑25, 18:22 Congratulations to Tom Townsend, Alex Hydes, Sarah O'Connor, Mike Bell, Michael Byrne, Tom Paske and Ewa Kater who won the midweek knockout teams, beating Clare Harmon, Janet McQueen, Barry Smale and Ann Husk in the final.
AUG‑25, 14:09 Michael Byrne poses some bidding problems in his article today which looks at hands from the Mixed Pivot Teams - article 6.
AUG‑25, 13:42
Happy Birthday to TD Robin Barker.
AUG‑25, 13:19 It's two for the price of one today, as Brian gives us two articles looking at deals from the Mixed Pivot Teams - article 6 and article 7.
AUG‑24, 23:32
Congratulations to Bill Gardner, Diana Nettleton, Matthew Covill & Peter Griffin, winners of the Mixed Pivot Teams. They finished on +69 IMPs, holding off a late surge from Michael Byrne, Mike Bell, Sarah O'Connor and Ben Norton who finished second on +63.
AUG‑24, 22:52 The evening session in the Really Easy Congress was a teams competition. The winners in the blue section were Christine MacFarlane, Fabian Oliver, Ann Palmer & Bev Purvis, and the winners in the orange section were Lynda Riecken, David Riecken, Steve Binks & Jocelyn Binks.
AUG‑24, 18:32 This afternoon saw play in four different competitions. In the Seniors Swiss Teams in the Mercian Travel Seniors Congress, Sandra Nicholson, Krys Kazmierczak, Adrian Knight & Prue Knight lead having finished on 59 VPs. They are 1 VP ahead of the team of Patrick Collins, Bill Hirst, Peter Law & Clive Cubitt. The winners in the pairs event in the Really Easy Congress were Ann Palmer & Beverley Purvis with 63.86% (North/South) and Howard Da Vall & Shirley Price with 58.65% (East/West). The afternoon's open pairs was won by Jon Downing & Julian Wernick with 63.05%. Jonathan Richards & Alan Jarvis were second with 61.54%. The semifinals also took place in the Midweek Knockout Teams - see below.
AUG‑24, 17:02 The semi-finals of the Midweek Knockout Teams competition have taken place today. The final will be contested between the team of Tom Townsend, Alex Hydes, Sarah O'Connor, Mike Bell. Michael Byrne & Ewa Kater and the team of Clare Hamon, Janet McQueen, Barry Smale & Ann Husk.
AUG‑24, 14:39 In his latest article from the congress Michael looks back at a very busy Tuesday, including hands from the Open Pairs and Championship Pairs competitions - article 5.
AUG‑24, 14:19 In today's article, Brian looks at some of the key hands from the final of the Senior Pairs competition - article 5.
AUG‑24, 11:19 Dates for 2017 confirmed as 4th - 13th August Due to the change of dates of the 2017 Eastbourne Air Show it has been necessary to change the dates of the Summer Meeting. These are now confirmed as the above, and not 18th - 27th as previously advertised.
AUG‑24, 11:06
The 'Discuss it with the Experts' seminar this morning was given by John Holland and Michael Byrne.
AUG‑23, 23:42
Congratulations to Charles Chisnall & John Short, winners of the Senior Pairs in the Mercian Seniors Congress.
AUG‑23, 23:32
Congratulations to Sarah O'Connor & Ben Norton who won the GCH Fox Championship Pairs for the Potters Resort Trophy this evening. Sarah & Ben finished on 63.29%, with Michael Byrne & Ewa Kater pipping Mark Tilley & Jim Deacon for second place three and a half per cent behind the winners.
AUG‑23, 22:42 The evening session of the Really Easy Congress was won by Anne East & Gill Leese sitting North/South, and Gerry Lynch & Dave Spink sitting East/West.
AUG‑23, 19:32 The first competitive sessions of the Really Easy Congress have taken place. The winners were Sue Simpson & Sandy Reimoser, Howard Da Vall & Shirley Price and Arthur Gordon & Angela Gordon.
AUG‑23, 18:52
Congratulations to Oliver Powell & Jon Derrick, winners of the Under 26 Championship Pairs. They finished on +98.57 IMPs, well ahead of Sam Behrens & Ben Norton, who scored +67.5 to finish second. Daniel Winter & Dylan Dissanayake were third with +46 IMPs.
AUG‑23, 18:42 The semi-finals of the Championship Pairs in the Mercian Travel Seniors Congress took place on Tuesday afternoon, with Nick Woodcock & Sue Woodcock finishing with the highest score. Norman Agran & Michael Isaacs were in second and Charles Chisnall & John Short finished in third. The final takes place this evening. In the consolation semi-final the top scorers were Peter Law & Clive Cubitt.
AUG‑23, 18:02 The Tuesday afternoon Open Pairs was won by Mark Tilley & Jim Deacon with 65.12%. Michael Byrne & Jonathan Richards were second with 63.34%
AUG‑23, 17:00

Tuesday is a busy day at the Summer Meeting. In addition to the semi-finals of the Senior Pairs and an Open Pairs event there has been: the Under 26 Championship Pairs; the start of the main programme in the Really Easy Congress; TD training with Mike Amos; and a 'Discuss it with the expert' seminar from Brian Senior.
AUG‑23, 13:29 Deals from the 'play with the experts' pairs are the focus of Michael Byrne's next article - Michael's article 4.
AUG‑23, 10:29 In Brian Senior's article, he reports on a rare occurence on a deal from the qualifying round of the Senior Pairs - Brian's article 4.
AUG‑23, 10:12 The qualification round for the Senior Pairs Championship in the Mercian Travel Seniors Congress took place on Monday evening. Ian Hamilton & Howard Kent-Webster topped the list, with 63.81%. Irving Gordon & Anthony Milford were second.
AUG‑23, 10:02 The winners of yesterday evening's 'Play with the Experts' Pairs were Tom Townsend & Alex Hydes. The leading E/W pair were Brenda Glaze & Meg Andrews.
AUG‑23, 09:24 The midweek schedule of seminar is confirmed as: Tuesday - Brian Senior; Wenesday - John Holland, with Michael Byrne; Thursday - Michael Byrne; Friday - an expert seminar on 'Slam Bidding' with Simon Cope. All seminars start at 11am.
AUG‑22, 19:06
18 players took part in the first Individual Bridge and Golf Competition at the Summer Meeting, braving strong winds at Eastbourne Downs Golf Club this morning, and playing an individual bridge event in the more tranquil Winter Garden this afternoon. The overall winner was Roger Pratt, who finished equal second in the golf, and second in the bridge. Runner-up was Barbara Trenchard - 5th in the golf and 4th in the bridge.
AUG‑22, 18:52 Congratulations to the winners of the recent open pairs and open teams events: Sunday evening pairs, Robert Miller & Tim Durdin; Sunday evening teams, Srimath Agalawatte, Barbara McKinnon, Jacqueline Snook & David Collier; Sunday evening pairs, Bill Gardner & Mike Bell
AUG‑22, 18:39 In today's articles, both Brian and Michael look at 'slam deals' from the final stages of the Swiss Pairs - Brian's article 3; Michael's article 3.
AUG‑21, 18:06
Congratulations to Elizabeth Barnard & Pauline Cohen, winners of the One Day Stratified Swiss Pairs. They won five of their six matches to take victory by a large margin. Stephen Pierce & Monica Aitken were second. Alan Setchell & Graham Osborne won the prize for top B stratified pair, and Mervyn Wotton & Helen Kent were the leading C Stratification pair. Results here.
AUG‑21, 17:36
Alex Lawton & James Green, winners of the Brighton Plate.
AUG‑21, 17:36
Alexander Allfrey & Andrew Robson, winners of the Harold Poster Trophy.
AUG‑21, 17:32 Andrew Robson & Alexander Allfrey have won the Harold Poster Trophy for the Swiss Pairs at the Summer Meeting. They started the day in second, and four large victories saw them finish 22 VPs clear off the field. John Sansom & Jason Hackett, who led the event in the early stages, moved up from 9th= to second place in the final rounds. Stefan Skorchev & Christophe Grosset finished third a further 5 VPs back, with the leaderboard tightly packed behind them. Defending champions Michael Byrne & Kieran Dyke were fourth. The leading B stratification pair were Michael Alishaw & Stephen Kennedy, who finished 24th. The leading C stratification pair, and winners of the Brighton Plate, were Alex Lawton & James Green.
AUG‑21, 15:39 Michael Byrne reports on deals from two matches in which international junior pairs played against older England representatives - article 2.
AUG‑21, 15:19 We have just been informed that the Eastbourne Air Show has changed its dates for next year and now clashes with our advertised dates for the Summer Meeting. This may mean that we have to change our dates and we would ask that you do not make any non-refundable arrangements with hotels until we know more. We will publicise any changes as soon as they are decided.
AUG‑21, 12:36
David Gold entertained a large audience this morning, for the 'Discuss it with an expert' seminar.
AUG‑21, 11:19 Brian Senior presents Match of the Day (though thankfully wearing more than just his pants) in his next article from the Summer Meeting - article 2.
AUG‑21, 07:42 Well done to Croz Croswell, Matthew Brown, John Atthey & James Thrower, winners of the Saturday night speedball teams.
AUG‑20, 23:12 Gary Jones & Jerry Harouni have stayed in the lead in the Swiss Pairs, but only by 3 VPs. Andrew Robson & Alexander Allfrey moved up two places during the evening in to second. Juniors Stephen Kennedy & Michael Alishaw are in third place, a further 6 VPs back.
AUG‑20, 17:42 Gary Jones & Jerry Harouni have moved to the top of the leaderboard at the half way point of the Swiss Teams for the Harold Poster Trophy, with 111 VPs. Overnight leaders John Sansom & Jason Hackett are second, 2 VPs behind, with Ian Swanson & Ken Ford a further 3 VPs back.
AUG‑20, 13:06
The congress has been infiltrated by Pokemon! Let's hope the players focus on the cards, rather than trying to catch them.
AUG‑20, 12:49 Michael Byrne resists the urge to name and shame in his first article from the Swiss Pairs - article 1.
AUG‑20, 11:46
Andrew Robson spoke to a packed house this morning in the first of our 'Discuss it with the experts' seminars. The speaker tomorrow at 11am is David Gold.
AUG‑20, 10:19 Brian Senior enters the Twilight Zone in his first article reflecting on deals from the Swiss Pairs - article 1.
AUG‑20, 07:42 Congratulations to the first winners of the congress, Daniel Cardnell & Szczepan Smoczynski in the Friday night Speedball Pairs.
AUG‑19, 23:42 John Sansom & Jason Hackett lead after the first evening of the Swiss Pairs event. They are on 55 out of a possible 60, with Roland Gronau & David Wing second on 54, and Tracy Capal & Stuart Davies and Gary Jones & Jerry Harouni tied in third on 53.
AUG‑19, 19:46
Jeremy Dhondy, EBU Chairman, welcomed everyone to the Summer Meeting at 7:45pm this evening as play got underway in the Swiss Pairs event for the Harold Poster Trophy.
AUG‑19, 12:32
Setting up is nearly completed, and we look forward to welcoming you this evening.
AUG‑18, 09:19 We are very pleased that we are able to offer another great line up of speakers for our 'Discuss it with the Experts' morning seminars. Kicking things off on the first weekend will be Andrew Robson on Saturday and David Gold on Sunday. The midweek line up includes Brian Senior, John Holland and Michael Byrne, plus a seminar on slam bidding from Simon Cope on Friday. On the second weekend will be Sally Brock and Ben Green. All the seminars start at 11am (there is no session on Monday).
AUG‑18, 09:19 Throughout the congress Brian Senior and Michael Byrne will be writing articles reflecting on some of the boards played during the event. To whet your appetite, you can enjoy Brian's articles from the 2015 Summer Meeting here.

System cards

You are required to have a pair of identical completed system cards and you should exchange them with your opponents at the start of each round. If you do not have two completed system cards, you will be provided with blank ones to fill out before play may continue, receiving a score of average minus for any boards unplayed due to the time lost in doing this - so please come prepared. Since old-style EBU 20A cards are no longer authorised, we would urge all players who are filling out new cards to do so on the more recent EBU 20B card. WBF system cards are not permitted in any of the competitions in this event. Visitors from abroad are asked to take particular care to comply with this. Blank cards, and some pre-completed cards, are available here.

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