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Welcome to the Event Hub for the Summer Meeting 2021. Here you will find links to results, articles, important information and photos from the event. We hope you'll check back frequently as this is updated. For information and links to help plan your trip to Eastbourne please see the 'Summer Meeting' information page.

Event programme

Timetable Session times
Weekend Challenge Events See the Summer Meeting webpage for more details on these competitions
Friday 6th - Sunday 8th (1st weekend): Swiss Pairs Championship Friday: 7:00pm - 10:30pm (session 1)
Saturday: 11:00am - 2:30pm (session 2) & 3:30pm - 6:55pm (session 3)
Sunday: 11:00am - 1:15pm (session 4a) & 2:00pm - 5:20pm (session 4b)
Friday 13th - Sunday 15th (2nd weekend): Four Stars Swiss Teams Championship Friday: 7:00pm - 10:30pm (session 1)
Saturday: 11:00am - 2:30pm (session 2) & 3:30pm - 6:55pm (session 3)
Sunday: 11:00am - 1:15pm (session 4a) & 2:00pm - 5:20pm (session 4b)
Sunday 8th (1st Weekend) - Open Pairs 7:00pm - 10:30pm
Friday 13th (2nd Weekend) - Point-a-Board Teams 1:00pm - 4:15pm
Saturday 14th (2nd Weekend) - 1-Day Swiss Pairs 12noon - 2:50pm (session 1) & 3:30pm - 6:20pm (session 2)
Sunday 15th (2nd Weekend) - 1-Day Swiss Pairs 12noon - 2:50pm (session 1) & 3:30pm - 6:20pm (session 2)
Monday 9th - Tuesday 10th: GCH Fox Pairs Championship Monday: 1:00pm - 4:45pm (session 1) & 7:00pm - 10:30pm (session 2)
Tuesday: 1:00pm - 4:45pm (session 3) & 7:00pm - 10:30pm (final and consolation final)
Wednesday 11th - Thursday 12th: Patton (Hybrid Scoring) Teams Championship  Wednesday: 1:00pm - 4:45pm (Qualifier)
Thursday: 1:00pm - 4:45pm (final and consolation final)
Wednesday 11th: Mixed Pivot Teams Championship 7:00pm - 10:30pm
Thursday 12th: Mixed Pairs Championship 7:00pm - 10:30pm
Late-night Speed Ball On both Fridays. Play starts at 11:00pm.
Serious Fast Pairs On both Saturdays. Play starts at 11:00pm.
Discuss it with an Expert There are morning seminars on both Saturdays and Sundays 10:00am - 10:50am

Social media

You can follow us on Twitter - @EBUaylesbury - and Facebook during the congress. As well as posting things here we will also post them on our accounts so will get the news straight to your timelines.


Live Results

  Sunday 15th Championship Swiss Teams (Overall
Session 4
One day stratified Swiss Pairs
Four Stars Finals
A Final; B Final
  Saturday 14th Championship Swiss Teams -
Session 2; Session 3
One-Day Stratified Swiss Pairs
  Friday 13th Championship Swiss Teams - Session 1 Point-a-Board Teams (Match Points for NGS)
  Thursday 12th Patton Teams Championship (Overall)
Session 2
Mixed Pairs Championship (Overall)
Eastbourne, Caterham, Richmond, Wimbledon, Young Chelsea
  Wednesday 11th Patton Teams Championship 
Session 1
Mixed Pivot Teams Championship (Overall)
Eastbourne, Wimbledon
  Tuesday 10th GCH Fox Pairs Championship Final (Overall)
Session 1; Session 2
GCH Fox Pairs Championship Consolation Event (Overall)
Session 1; Session 2
  Monday 9th GCH Fox Pairs Championship (Overall)
Session 1; Session 2
  Sunday 8th Harold Poster Swiss Pairs (Overall
Session 4a; Session 4b
Open Pairs (IMP Scoring)
  Saturday 7th Harold Poster Swiss Pairs 
Session 2; Session 3
  Friday 6th Harold Poster Swiss Pairs - Session 1 Late Night Speedball - Pairs


By Michael Byrne  By Brian Senior 
Summer Meeting Bulletin 1 Harold Poster Swiss Pairs - Final Day
Summer Meeting Bulletin 2 Creating a Losing Option for Declarer
  Grand Slam

News and updates

AUG-15, 17:30

The Four Star Teams competition, which was won by the team of Phil King, Kevin Castner, Ben Norton & Mike Bell (pictured), with 99 VPs. They were just 4 VPs ahead of the second placed Byrne team, Graham Osborne, Frances Hinden, Michael Byrne & Kieran Dyke. In third place was the Mossop team (Paul Hackett, David Mossop, Jason Hackett & Diego Brenner) with 92 VPs.

AUG-15, 19:00 The Sunday One-Day Swiss Pairs was won by Elisabeth Bingham & Tony Togneri. Winnie Perry & Chimi Notenboom were second.
AUG-15, 17:30

The Swiss Teams for the Brighton Bowl was won by the team of Mark Hooper, Michael Hornung, John Gardner & Janet Smith. The Penfold team of Brian Senior, Sandra Penfold, Kay Preddy & Norman Selway, finished in second place, with the Stynes team of Kath Stynes, Debbie Sandford, Gilly Cardiff & Ned Paul, in third.

AUG-15, 10:00

This mornings session of "Discuss with the Experts" hosted by Ian Hamilton.

AUG-15, 9:30 The Saturday One-Day Swiss Pairs was won by Simon Few & Keith Nash. Richard Ress & Val Ress were second. 
AUG‑14, 14:20:00

The second session of the Swiss Teams has just finished, with teams taking a quick break before the second session starts at 3.30pm

AUG‑14, 10:00:00

This mornings session of "Discuss with the Experts" hosted by Kieran Dyke.

AUG‑13, 19:00:00

The first session of the Swiss Teams for the Brighton Bowl is now underway. Tomorrow morning from 10am there will be a "Discuss with the Experts" session, hosted by Kieran Dyke.

AUG‑13, 16:30:00

The Point-a-Board Teams was won by the team of Imogen La Chapelle, Andy Cope, Ian S Hamilton & Hastings Campbell.

AUG‑13, 13:00:00 The Point-a-Board Teams is now underway. This evening is the start of the Swiss Teams.
AUG‑12, 16:30:00

The Mixed Pairs Championship has been won by Henry Rose & Megan Jones, with a score of 63.94%. The event was run both in Eastbourne and in clubs around the country. In overall second place was Denise Miller & Nigel Clayton, playing in Caterham BC, with a score of 63.51%. In third place was Maria Whelan & Vinod Khanna, also playing in Caterham.

AUG‑12, 19:00:00 The Mixed Pairs Championship is now underway.
AUG‑12, 16:30:00

The Patton Teams Championship has now concluded. The winning team was, (pictured, from left) Keith Nash, Simon Few, Kathy Williams and Robert Miller (Not pictured, Mark Tilley), with a score of 124.5 out of 196. In second place was the team of Hazel Keith, Sati McKenzie, Mick Woolley and Neil Hulbert.

AUG‑11, 22:30:00

The Mixed Pivot teams Championship for the Middlesex Cup, has been won by the family team with brothers Liam Fegarty and Jamie Fegarty, their mum, Catherine Curtis, and their aunt, Anne Catchpole. They finished the night with a score of 46 IMPs over 24 boards. In second place was the team of Brian Senior, Gary Hyett, Ros Wolfarth and Sue Millard, with a score of 21 IMPs.

AUG‑11, 19:00:00 The Mixed Pivot teams Championship is taking place this evening.
AUG‑11, 13:00:00

The Patton (Hybrid Scoring) Teams Championship Qualifier is now underway.

AUG‑10, 22:30:00

Rachel Bingham & Anne Catchpole have won the first hybrid GCH Fox Pairs Championship, with an overall score of 57.85%. Daniel Miller & Colin Jones finished in second place, and David Barnes & Janet Barnes were third.

AUG‑10, 13:00:00

The second session of the GCH Fox Pairs Championship has now started. The final session will take place this evening from 7:00pm

AUG‑9, 13:00:00

It's the first day of the mid-week events, starting this afternoon with the GCH Fox Pairs Championship. This is the first time a hybrid event has been run at the Summer Meeting, with the scoring being stratified with both the face-to-face and online sessions.

AUG-8, 18:30 The Sunday Open IMP Pairs was won by Jamie Fegarty & Catherine Curtis
AUG‑8, 17:30:00

Szczepan Smoczynski & Claire Robinson have won the Harold Poster Trophy Swiss Pairs. They lead throughout the final day and finished just one vp ahead of Jeremy Dhondy & Andy Hughes. Jeffrey Allerton & Frances Hinden finished third with 177 vps. The leading B stratification pair were Mark Davies & Richard Creamer, who finished joint 8th.

The leading C stratification pair, and winners of the Brighton Plate, were Benjamin Gardner & Liam Fegarty.

AUG‑8, 11:00 The third session of the Harold Poster Swiss Pairs is now underway.
AUG‑8, 10:00

Sunday morning, Michael Byrne hosts "Discuss it with an Expert"

The third session of the Harold Poster Swiss Pairs starts at 11:00am

AUG‑7, 11:00 The second session of the Harold Poster Swiss Pairs is now underway.
AUG‑7, 10:00

Saturday morning, Andrew Robson hosts "Discuss it with an Expert"

Tomorrow mornings "Discuss it with an Expert" session will be hosted by Michael Byrne form 10:00am

AUG-7, 9:00 Last nights late night Speedball was won by Kath Stynes & Charlie Bucknell
AUG‑6, 19:00

The 2021 Summer Meeting is now underway, with the Swiss Pairs (session 1)

AUG-6, 18:00

Tables set up, all nicely spaced out. Waiting for the Swiss Pairs to start at 7:00pm

AUG-6, 18:00

We are looking forward to a return to face to face bridge this evening, with the Summer Meeting in Eastbourne

System cards

You are required to have a pair of identical completed system cards and you should exchange them with your opponents at the start of each round. If you do not have two completed system cards, you will be provided with blank ones to fill out before play may continue, receiving a score of average minus for any boards unplayed due to the time lost in doing this - so please come prepared. Since old-style EBU 20A cards are no longer authorised, we would urge all players who are filling out new cards to do so on the more recent EBU 20B card. WBF system cards are not permitted in any of the competitions in this event. Visitors from abroad are asked to take particular care to comply with this. Blank cards, and some pre-completed cards, are available here.

Covid Information

In response to requests from members, here is some more information about arrangements for the Summer Meeting with regard to Covid-19.

Our Risk Assessment is available to view on the website and players may wish to make their own assessment of the risks involved. Players will not be asked for “vaccine passports”. The venue has high ceilings and state-of-the art air-conditioning. Tables will be more generously spaced than usual and we will not display updating results in areas that might lead to crowds forming. Instead we will provide results and assignments on the EBU website and using the Bridgemate app, as well as on the Bridgemate units.

We will not insist on players wearing masks, but we will provide some for those who want. Anyone who wants a greater degree of protection may wish to purchase masks with FFP2 or FFP3 protection, such as these.

Players are asked not to come to the event if exhibiting signs of Covid infection. Individuals can get Lateral Flow tests online, from pharmacies and from community centres such as public libraries.

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