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Welcome to the Event Hub for the Summer Meeting 2022. Here you will find links to results, articles, important information and photos from the event. We hope you'll check back frequently as this is updated. For information and links to help plan your trip to Eastbourne please see the 'Summer Meeting' information page.

Event programme



Timetable Times Session
Thursday 11th August 7:30pm - 10:30pm Mixed and Open Pairs
Friday 12th August 11am - 7pm  Swiss Teams
  8:30pm - 10:30pm  Serious Fast Pairs
Saturday 13th August 11am - 7pm  Swiss Pairs Championship (Session 1)
  12 noon - 6pm Swiss Pairs Lite* (one day)
  8:30pm - 10:30pm Serious Fast Pairs
Sunday 14th August 11am - 7pm Swiss Pairs Championship (Session 2)
  12 noon - 6pm Swiss Pairs Lite* (one day)

*LITE events are shorter 6 x 6-board Swiss Pairs events, which may appeal to less experienced players though anyone is permitted to play in them.

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You can follow us on Twitter - @EBUaylesbury - and Facebook during the congress. As well as posting things here we will also post them on our accounts so will get the news straight to your timelines.


Live Results

Sunday 14th Swiss Pairs Championship
Session 3
Swiss Pairs Championship (Overall) 
Session 4
One day Swiss Pairs lite
Saturday 13th Swiss Pairs Championship
Session 1
Swiss Pairs Championship
Session 2
One day Swiss Pairs lite
Serious Fast Pairs
Friday 12th Swiss Teams     Serious Fast Pairs
Thursday 11th Mixed Pairs Open Pairs    


By Brian Senior 
The First 24 Hours
Swiss Pairs – Day One
The Last Round-Up

News and updates

AUG‑14, 19:05 Thank you to everyone who joined us in Eastbourne and took part in the Summer Meeting. We hope you enjoyed your time at the congress, and we hope to see you for some - or all - of the Summer Meeting in 2023. We will be sharing more details with you regarding that congress as soon as possible.
AUG-14, 18:30

The Swiss Pairs Championship for the Harold Poster Cup finished with a three-way tie. First place was resolved based on the number of matches won. Richard Plackett & Mia Deschepper (pictured) were awarded the trophy having won the most games. In second place were Tony Verran & Brian Gladman (picture) and in third were Brian Senior & Nigel Bird.

The Mercian Bridge Travel Trophy for the Seniors Pairs was won by Liza Furnival & Peter Randall with a score of 148 VPs.

The winner of the non-expert pairs were Lawrence Wang & Yining Yang with a score of 127 VPs.

AUG-14, 18:15 The Sunday Swiss Pairs Lite has been won by ​​Anthony Collins & Simon Porter (pictured) with a score of 83 VPs. Mike Skelly & Hilary Stewart were second with 73 VPs and Giles Thompson & Chiho Thompson were just behind in third with 72 VPs.

AUG-14, 15:20

The afternoon session of the Swiss Pairs Championship has now started:

AUG-14, 15:15

At the start of the afternoon session, there was a short trophy presentation for previous prize winners:

The winners of the Swiss Teams Championship for the Brighton Bowl, the Castner Team (From left: Kevin Castner, Stephen Kennedy, Phil King & Charlie Bucknell):

The winners of the Mixed Pairs; Huey Daly & Sonya Hillis:

The winners of the John Carter Senior Teams, the Hamilton Team (From left: Ian Hamilton, William Hamilton, Tony Elliott-Kelly & John Ferguson):

The winners of the GCH Fox Pairs from 2021 Rachel Bingham & Anne Catchpole were finally presented with the Potters trophy:

AUG-14, 12:00

The Sunday Swiss Pairs Lite is now underway:

AUG-14, 11:00 Day Two of the Swiss Pairs Championship for the Harold Poster Cup is now underway:

AUG-14, 10:00 Andrew Robson's Discuss it with an Expert Session talking through key hands from yesterday's sessions

AUG-13, 20:30 Join us tomorrow morning at 10am for a Discuss it with an Expert session with Andrew Robson
AUG-13, 20:30 The Serious Fast Pairs Saturday is now underway:

AUG-13, 18:00 After day one of the Swiss Pairs Championship for the Harold Poster Cup, Brian Senior & Nigel Bird are in the lead with 97 VPs. In second place are Tim Durdin & Mark Tilley and Oliver Powell & Charles Bucknell are third. Day two starts tomorrow at 11am.
AUG-13, 17:15 Saturday's Swiss Pairs Lite has been won by Kirsty Platts & Marianne Tudor-Craig with 87 VPs. Just behind in second place were Liz Kelly & Martin Johnson with 86 VPs. In third were Giles Thompson & Chiho Thompson with 80 VPs.
AUG-13, 12:15 The Swiss Pairs Lite is now underway with 18 pairs
AUG-13, 11:05 The Swiss Pairs Championship is now underway with 116 pairs taking part:

AUG-13, 10:45 Thanks to Kay Preddy and Norman Selway for the Discuss it with an Expert this morning, they talked through some of the key boards from yesterday's Swiss Teams.
AUG-13, 10:50 The Serious Fast Pairs on Friday evening was won by Glyn Meredith & Geoff Smith with a score of 66.82%. In second place were John Prust & Victoria Haines with a score of 59.09% and in third place Andy Cope & Graham Cope with a score of 55.45%. 
AUG-13, 10:45 Brian Senior has written about a key board from Thursday evening's Mixed and Open Pairs: The First 24 Hours.
AUG-12, 20:30 The Serious Fast Pairs is now underway

AUG-12, 18:25

The Swiss Teams for the Brighton Bowl was won by the Castner Team (pictured below, from left: Phil King, Charlie Bucknell, Stephen Kennedy & Kevin Castner):

AUG-12, 11:00 The Swiss Teams is now underway and we have a full house with 50 tables:

AUG-11, 22:30

Congratulations to Huey Daly & Sonya Hillis who won the Mixed Pairs and Eran Assaraf & Lee Rosenthal who won the Open Pairs.

AUG-11, 19:35

The first event is now underway with the Mixed/Open Pairs. Mixed Pairs at one end of the room, Open Pairs at the other:

AUG-11, 19:10

Thank you to the Deputy Mayor of Eastbourne for opening the Summer Meeting

AUG-11, 18:30

Ros and Tony are busy handing out the goodie bags to everyone

AUG-11, 14:30

Ros and Cath are hard at work creating goodie bags for everyone!

AUG-11, 14:00

We are looking forward to a return to face to face bridge this evening, with the Summer Meeting in Eastbourne

System cards

You are required to have a pair of identical completed system cards and you should exchange them with your opponents at the start of each round. If you do not have two completed system cards, you will be provided with blank ones to fill out before play may continue, receiving a score of average minus for any boards unplayed due to the time lost in doing this - so please come prepared. Since old-style EBU 20A cards are no longer authorised, we would urge all players who are filling out new cards to do so on the more recent EBU 20B card. WBF system cards are not permitted in any of the competitions in this event. Visitors from abroad are asked to take particular care to comply with this. Blank cards, and some pre-completed cards, are available here.


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