Supporting Youth Bridge

Young people are the future of our game and we are keen to support them in every way. Funds are limited and we invite donations to help with some of the costs. In particular, we have a fantastic group of juniors, forming four teams, who will be heading to the European Youth Championships in Eindhoven, Netherlands in July, if we can get the support we need. In February the England team came top in both the Junior Camrose and the Peggy Bayer events.

The approximate cost of sending the teams to the European championships is £700 per player, or approximately £19,600 total including NPCs (non-playing captains).

How to support young players

If you can help, please make a donation using the link below. You can donate in any multiple of £10; just click Add to cart and then specify the number you want. For example, to donate £50 you would order a quantity of 5.

We would like to acknowledge donors by listing them on this page. If you would prefer not to be listed, change the option Public to Private.

Bridge for young people is not just a matter of competitions, but a broad and critically important topic including working with schools, universities and other organizations. Along with our partners in EBED we will be offering more ways to support this work in future.

Who is in the squad?

We are sending four teams to The Netherlands, representing England under 16s, under 21s, under 26s and under 26 women. The young people selected are listed here. The full junior squad, from whom selections for specific competitions are made, is listed here.

Click here to donate to youth bridge now

Thank you to all our current donors:

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Roland Smith
Susan Reimer
Michael Huggins
Jacquie Corbyn
David Evans
Jackie Adams
Paul Atkins
Ian Sidgwick
Caroline Lakin
Cherry McMillen
David Stern
Peter Farmer
Dawn Bordbar
Rosemary Danby
Wendy Morgan
Ian Hamilton
Paul Barden
Claire Robinson
Elsie Robinson
Robert Waterhouse
Philip Bearcroft
Tom McGrath
Tim Craig
Tim Owen
Penelope Binks
Geoff Ellis

Cambridge Bridge Club - £600 for all English Junior Squad members
Kent CBA - £600 towards the costs for its county members in junior teams