Members' survey

The following survey is intended to get a brief overview of the general feeling of the membership towards the EBU as an organisation.

Its intention is two-fold:

  • to give a picture of the current sentiment of the membership, for us to keep in mind as we try to improve
  • to give a base line against which we can judge whether improvements have been made in the next few years - the survey will be repeated in a few years' time to give a method of comparison

The survey has been kept intentionally brief and simple - in part to enable responses from those without internet access, as postal responses will be included. Whilst the staff and officials of the EBU are always happy to receive correspondence from members, this survey is not intended to generate feedback, hence why no provision has been made for written answers.

Please complete the survey below. This platform has been chosen as it will be 100% free of charge, regardless of whether all 50,000+ members reply - so whilst it may not be perfect, it is certainly the most cost-effective platform available.

The survey can be completed multiple times on the same computer - to enable families who share a PC to submit individual responses - but please only submit one response per member.