Women's Trials

2022 European Women's Trials

The Trials will take place from the 4th-7th February. The trial will be held at the Young Chelsea Bridge Club and entries are now open. Entries are now closed

Juniors (including squad partnerships) are entitled to half-price entry to this event

The team will be part funded - that is to say that, in addition to the entry fee and uniforms, they will receive a (yet to be decided) sum towards expenses.

The top three pairs will be guaranteed selection. 

Entries are £135 per person


Friday: 12:30 – 14:45 & 15:10 – 19:45 Six matches of eight boards

Saturday: 10:30 – 13:55 & 14:20 – 20:05 Eight matches of eight boards

Sunday: 11:00 – 14:25 & 14:50 – 19:25 Seven matches of eight boards

Monday: 10:30 – 13:55 & 14:20 – 16:35 Five matches of eight boards


Entries received

Bridget Rampton and Allison Green

Helen Erichsen and Fiona Brown

Lizzie Godfrey and Catherine Curtis

Heather Dhondy and Maggie Knottenbelt

Kath Stynes and Deborah Sandford

Daisy Dillon and Hanna Tuus

Nathalie Shashou and Sally Brock

Anne Rosen and Nevena Senior

Catherine Seale and Catherine Draper

Sara Moran and Claire Robinson

Nicola Smith and Paula Leslie

Ewa Wieczorek and Ewa Kater

Tracy Sherman and Liz Commins

Louise Selway and Kay Preddy (REPLACEMENT)


2021 Lady Milne Trials 17th-19th December 2021

The 2021 Lady Milne Trials will take place from the 17th - 19th December. The trials will be now be held online on RealBridge. Entries are £100 per person. Entries will close Monday 29th November at 9am.

The top three pairs will be guaranteed selection.


2020 Results