Entry fees - Youth Players

Entries to events for all Youth Note: "Junior" is used interchangeably with "Youth". No Universal Membership Subscription will be levied for any Youth member whose date of birth is registered on My EBU. All Youth members may enter any EBU event (except Junior Trials, Overseas Congresses, EBU Online Games, and Simultaneous Pairs Events) at half price provided:

  • They enter in advance
  • Their date of birth is registered with the EBU
  • They are under 26 years of age on 31st December of the year in which the congress takes place, or the year in which the knockout competition begins
    For example:
    - If you were born in or after 1998 then you will be eligible for half price entry to EBU events, or entry to Under 26 competitions, in 2023.
  • Any players turning up at an event without due notification will be asked to pay a surcharge.
  • BGB also offer half price entry to the Gold Cup.
  • Half price entries are also offered for all competitions to Youths who are members of one of the other 'home nations' unions. Half price entry to competitions at the Summer Meeting is offered to Youths from all countries.

Entries to events for Junior Squad Members The EBU board have AGREED that some entry fees be waived for Junior squad players. To qualify:

  • They must be squad members (A squad member is defined as someone who is registered with a squad manager and has signed a contract of good behaviour, a copy of which is lodged at EBU HQ, which is still valid)
  • Their entry must be authorised by a squad manager
  • Their entry must be done in advance (Any players turning up at an event without due notification and authorisation will not be entitled to a free entry).
  • They must play in partnership with another squad member (it is acceptable for team mates not to be squad members)
  • Squad managers who are playing in partnership with members of their own squads may also play for free

The list of events which currently qualify for free entry are:

  • Premier League and Lady Milne Trials (Free entries will be sanctioned, or otherwise, by the Selection Committee)
  • National Teams Congress
  • Schapiro Spring 4’s
  • The Summer Meeting
  • Easter Festival (London)
  • Crockford’s Cup
  • Spring Congress
  • Scarborough Summer Congress
  • Spring Bank Holiday Congress
  • Year End (London & North)

Age Limit The right to free entries for squad players ends when a player is in the calendar year of his or her 25th birthday, and

  • If we have a team in the current year’s European or World Championships: the team has already been selected and the player is not in the team. Otherwise: at the end of June.
  • If a player is selected or is a reserve for a European or World Championship team, the right to free entries is extended until the conclusion of the relevant championship.
  • No free entries will be granted to a player who is in breach of his or her contract.

For information, the concession applies to the entry fee ONLY. No request for assistance with travel or accommodation will be entertained.

Last updated: 18th April 2023