University Bridge

University is a great place to play bridge!

Bridge is not just a fun, and mentally challenging game, but a fantastic place to meet people and make new friends - you may even find love!

"Bridge has been a great way to meet people who I may not have otherwise met. I have become friends with many of these people, and I even met my boyfriend while playing bridge."

"What's better than meeting with friends in the pub, having some food and drinks and playing some cards?!"

This article shares some stories from current and recent students who have had a great time playing bridge at university:

A number of universities have thriving bridge clubs...

(Please let us know if your club is not on the list) ...but we would like to see more - see below for details on trying to set up a new bridge club.

Portland Bowl

This is an inter-university teams-of-four knock-out competition, which starts each autumn and runs through to a semi-final and final hosted by the Portland Club in London in the spring. Early matches are zoned to minimise travel.


Other inter-university competitions


  • Warwickshire CBA and Warwick University run an annual Inter-University Bridge Festival - usually in February.For more details contact Warwick University
  • Imperial College London, and the London School of Economics, jointly run an Inter University Bridge competition, normally held in December every year. For additional information contact the Bridge Club at Imperial (

Upcoming Events

Feel free to view our Youth Calendar page for a list of all upcoming events for junior players.

Setting up a university bridge club

English Bridge Education & Development offers help to set up and run university bridge clubs as follows:

Freshers Fairs

We can produce for you posters to advertise your bridge club, and fliers to hand out to prospective members at Freshers’ Fairs.

Discounts from the shop

Help with discounts on a range of bridge stationery and equipment that you may need to buy to run your club.

Affiliate with the EBU

It costs just £5 a year for university bridge clubs to affiliate with the EBU. Your club members can then get all the benefits of being EBU members, you can win Master Points in your club sessions, they will count towards the NGS, and more.