Youth Bridge Grand Prix competition  2021-2022

This competition will be held over 12 months and over three existing face-to-face and three new on-line events. 

Current Leaderboards and Rankings








Oct 23-24 2021

SE Counties Junior Bridge Camp

Face to face, Priday Cup


Dec 29 2021


18 boards pairs event


Feb 13 2022


18 boards pairs event


April 9-10 2022

Wessex Bridge Festival

Face to face, Sunday pairs


July 11 2022


18 boards pairs event


August 27-28( tbc) 2022

Junior Teach In

Face to face, Sunday pairs + prize giving


Eligibility: All junior bridge players born on or after 1st September 2001 (i.e. U-21). You will be entered automatically if you take part in any of the above events. You have to participate in a minimum of three to be eligible for prizes.

Stratification: Competitors will normally play in the same competition at each event, but scoring will be stratified on two levels: U-15 (i.e. born on or after 1st September 2007) and Open. Players who win the U-15 prize will move up to the Open level. Both partners have to be U-15 for a score to qualify for the U-15 stratification (applies to Individual as well as Pairs competition).

Scoring: Each player receives GP points for each event they play in:

  • Single movement:  from 16 (for 1st), 12 (2nd), 9 (3rd), 7(4th) and down to 1 (for 10th)
  • Dual movement:  top 5  from NS and EW ranked by % to give a 1st to 10th and again scored from 16 to 1.

Prizes: are given for the most GP points at the end of the season:

  • Pairs prize ; with same partner
  • Individual prize: with different partners (one event per partner counts)  

Ties will be separated by the following metrics in order:

  • Most GP competitions played  (aggregate of both partners for Pairs)
  • Aggregate % from 3 best results

Prizes will be awarded at the Junior Teach-in in August. 

Posting of current positions and results: These will be posted on the EBU Youth page.