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Up until October, Jeff Smith's software can be downloaded from:

Click on the 'Download' link corresponding to the program that you wish to download.

It is likely that your Windows security / anti-virus software will raise some concerns about downloading from an unknown source, but just keep on saying 'Yes' to any 'are you sure?'-type questions!

Eventually you will get the “Setup Wizard” which will ask you a few questions:

  1. Destination Location

The default location will be “C:\PairsScorer” (or C:\TeamsScorer, etc.) Personally I prefer install them in a dedicated folder for all the programs, e.g. “C:\Jeff Smith Scoring\PairsScorer”, “C:\Jeff Smith Scoring\TeamssScorer”, etc.

  1. Start Menu Folder

(just accept the default)

  1. Ordered List Item
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