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What's New with EBUScore

To upgrade to the latest version, follow the same route through 'My EBU' as if downloading for the first time.

If you need to check whether you have you have the latest version (without having to visit this website), in EBUScore itself, click on the “Administration” button on the Main Menu, then on “Check for Updates”.

Version 1.1.8

released 15th March 2018

Bridgemate Control Software:
Compatibility with BCS version 3.6.9 ensured.
Option added to enable BMs to “verify lead card against hand records”

Options to apply either a 50% handicap (as previously used by PairsScorer & EBUScore) or 100%.

EBU Master Point Ranks:
Distinction recognised between genuinely “unranked” players, and players with ranks withheld, or with MP records held by other NBOs.
For purposes of stratification or handicaps, where EBUScore is unable to determine the rank of a player, such a player will not receive any potential benefit.

Error exiting “Irregular Movement” screen corrected.
Error overwriting pair numbers in Scoresheets (indirectly caused by too many events in the Event File).

Version 1.1.7

released 1st November 2017

(error corrections on 6th & 16th November)

Revised way of recording NGS exemptions: Either or both players in a partnership can now be exempted (and only one pair can be eligible for exemption)

Where a session has been pre-created, or if a session has already been uploaded for the same date, there is now an option to over-write existing session, or to upload as a new event.
There is now a facility during a session to upload “Live Ranks” to BridgeWebs.

Recognition of new ranks (Star Grand Masters)
NB previous versions of EBUScore may not cope well with “stratification” when players of these ranks are involved.

Possible correction of error with BridgePad names entry.

Error corrected when creating SwissTeams ClubPrint file in HTM format.

Version 1.1.6

released 30th June 2017

New source of EBU membership database. This database is updated daily.
(Old source will still be updated on a less frequent basis, so that old versions of EBUSCore will continue to work)

Improvement on reporting of Swiss Teams triples for Pianola
Correction of number of competing pairs in XML file for Pianola
Renaming of text file reporting creation of XML file, to avoid confusion.

ArcScorer added to the list of alternative Wireless units.

Swiss: Potential Match adjustments extended when a 30-0 VP Scale selected.

Version 1.1.5

released 31st March 2017

Reintroduction of UMS code 11
(novice events, not eligible for UMS exemption. No Master Points, no NGS)

Relocation of WBU membership database.

Bugs corrected:
Error message re-writing names to BCS

Amendment of EBU Default Bridgemate settings

Scoring method for new Teams events always defaults to IMPs (avoids annoying message when previous event was To8)

Improved (but not perfect) analysis of names typed with middle initials, etc. (e.g. Arthur C Doyle; Arthur Conan Doyle, etc.)

Version 1.1.4

released 1st December 2016
  • Facility to amend seating lineup in Bridgemates extended to Multiple Teams as well. Some errors corrected.
  • Improved algorithms for assigning in Swiss events - particularly useful for low numbers of teams.
  • GP awards for Major County Pairs Championships brought up to date.

Creation of EBU UMS files:

  • USEBIO 1.2 set as default
  • “Go to EBU Website” directs to “My EBU” rather than old Members Area
  • Re-introduction of UMS code '04' for Novice events. (Sessions submitted under Code 04 will have zero effect towards Master Points, NGS, magazine points, etc.)

Bugs fixed:

  • Improved presentation of artificial scores in Ecats files

Version 1.1.3

released 11th July 2016
  • In Wireless Scoring, option to select folder in which scrollfiles are saved.
    This enables easier sharing, e.g. for display on multiple PCs.
  • Revised way in which scrolling is updated - to avoid multiple tabs appearing in browser
  • USEBIO 1.2 (for Pianola): option to include Prize Awards, Categories and Section on the Pianola display.
  • Catering for new Bridgemate options: In Swiss Teams events, it is now possible to record changes in line-ups via the Bridgemates. BCS version 3.2.1. or higher required, along with appropriate firmware for servers and units. It is hoped that in due course this feature will be extended to normal Multiple Teams events as well.
  • When “Write names to BCS” is applied, Membership numbers are included in the BWS player list. NB this only applies if the numbers are recorded in the event file.

Bugs fixed:

  • Minor error returning to movement screen when 'Omit 1st round' selected.
  • Individual Scorer: error with the number of competitors receiving MP awards when original / override tables applies.
  • Individual Scorer: unrelated error with the number of competitors receiving MP awards in a 4-winner movement.
  • Typo in movement description! There may be more…
  • Startup errors when launched by BOS.

Version 1.1.2

released 25th November 2015; re-released 1st December with minor fixes.
  1. Corrected implementation of the '70%' rule (effective 1st January 2016), with a warning in movement setup. (Pairs and Individual only)
  2. Downloading EBU Member Database. Previously this automatically appended the WBU Database. This has now been reversed. However, there is a tickbox (unlabelled) next to the download button; if ticked, then the WBU database will be appended.
  3. 'Properties' screen. When 'set default strat levels' is clicked, you have the option to copy the calculated levels to the 'category' flags.
  4. Bridgewebs (Teams only): You can now upload a USEBIO file to Bridgewebs for Teams events. The USEBIO file carries more information about player line-ups, and 'Cross-IMP' scores. This is still a work in progress, but should be an improvement on the existing 'csv' file upload, especially in the case of teams-of-eight events, and 'pivot' teams.

Bugs fixed:

  • USEBIO 1.2: alternative methods of teams scoring supported.
  • Error writing travellers to XML when no contract information.
  • Error in folder name when 'Change XML folder'.
  • Error reading contracts when importing event from Bridgewebs csv file.
  • Rounding of fractional IMPs given for weighted scores.
  • Error in copying Seating Line-up .
  • Ecats files: Contracts not displayed properly.
  • Decimal points in JavaScript (foreign use of commas instead of decimal point caused error).
  • Error in Names entry screen when 'Table order' ticked and missing pair.
  • Error: “Less than 12 boards played” corrected in various places.

Version 1.1.1

Released 1st October 2015

The launch version of EBUScore is almost identical in functionality to the Jeff Smith Suite.
There are obvious 'cosmetic' changes: displaying 'EBUScore' as the name of the product, etc.
Other changes are of little relevance to most users. Most relate to increased capacity, e.g.:

  1. Up to 30 tables allowed in a single section (of 'normal' Pairs or Teams).
  2. Boards may be numbered up to 60.
  3. Longer names permitted.

These, and other internal changes, have meant that EBUScore Data files are incompatible with those of the equivalent Jeff Smith files. Please see here for more information.

Unsurprisingly, some of these internal changes have led to unforeseen bugs creeping in. We hope that these have mostly been resolved in the following release, 1.1.2.

Coming Soon

Bug Correction:
EBUScore hangs when checking Bridgewebs for pre-uploaded events, when there is a gap in event numbers.
Error in printing checkslips when there is both a missing pair and an artificial adjustment.
Error in calculating split / weighted scores in PaB/Hybrid scoring.

Introduction of temporary UMS code 90, for use only in the August 2018 EBU Summer Festival.

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