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In a multiple teams event South opened 1NT which was the final contract. They then noticed that it was the wrong board (board 13). Neither pair had played the board previously. I took the pragmatic approach of getting them to play the correct boards. When both pairs met board 13 later the bidding was repeated so there was no problem. However I know that Law 15B required Board 13 to be played and then they should play the correct boards. That seems very messy to sort out, particularly at teams. What should I really have done?


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    Law 15b does not apply at teams - see note 4 at the bottom of the page.

    That refers us to Law 86B - which seems to be unhlepful (but see at the bottom)

    B. Result Obtained at Other Table
    1. Single Result Obtained
    In team play when the Director awards an adjusted score and the result at the other table
    between the same contestants is clearly favourable to one side, the Director shall award an
    assigned adjusted score [see Law 12C1(c), but for multiple adjusted scores see B2 following].

    My best guess is that you should rule under law 16D2 (which in effect you did - option c.)

    D. Extraneous Information from Other Sources

    2. If the Director considers that the information would likely interfere with normal play he
    may, before any call has been made:

    (b) if the form of competition allows of it order the board redealt for those contestants;
    (c) allow completion of the play of the board standing ready to award an adjusted score if he
    judges that the extraneous information affected the result;
    (d) award an adjusted score (for team play see Law 86B).

    3) If such extraneous information is received after the first call in the auction has been made
    and before completion of the play of the board the Director proceeds as in 2(c) or 2(d)

    I THINK that 3 does not apply, since this ruling applies the 2nd time the board is played.

    Note that for D2b

    LAW 86 ‐ TEAM PLAY
    A. Substitute Board
    The Director shall not exercise his Law 6 authority to order one board redealt when the final result
    of a match without that board could be known to a contestant. Instead, he awards an adjusted

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