Help us improve the EBU website

As part of the preparation for a re-design of our website, a usability study is in progress for which we need a range of volunteers - about 12-20 from a wide range of bridge backgrounds, beginners and novices to experts. No technical knowledge is needed - we just want to see how ordinary users interact with our website. If you would be happy to take part in this, please contact with "EBU website usability" in the subject line.

Relaxed 9-high EBU games on Bridgebase Online

You probably know that we have been running five EBU games on Bridgebase Online (BBO) every day for the last two months and they have been going extremely well, fulfilling a clear need for many of our members in this time of social distancing.

However, we have received feedback that these games are rather strong and can be a bit intimidating for many of our members, so we are going to start a new “9-high relaxed tournament” at 11am every day starting this Monday, May 25th.

Bridge Warehouse Now Open

If you need bridge supplies so that you can play with those you live with, or books to keep you occupied, you will need to order them online. We will not be able to take phone orders just yet. All orders will be dispatched at the end of every month. You can find our full range of our products on our website.

Participate in (possibly the world's first) #BridgeHackathon this coming Saturday!

The #BridgeHackathon is a 24 hour event this Saturday (23rd May) is being designed to build working prototype online bridge software. We are an international set of bridge-playing software developer pros and enthusiasts who want to create an open source, high quality, progressive, exciting online bridge environment to engage and amaze bridge players, old and new!

Further info in the following links:

  • Hackathon sign up
  • Platform and services architecture prep discussion
  • 181 UK Clubs Hosted on Bridge Club Live

    Bridge Club Live provides the facility for F2F clubs to have their members associated with their club when playing bridge online. This allows all Bridge Club Live members who belong to a particular F2F club to find each other within the main club and to play with their regular partners as if they were at the club. In addition, their results are grouped specifically for all their club members and they get EBU Master Points when they play in approved tournaments. Bridge Club Live does not charge any fee for any tournament at any time and Online Master points are uploaded monthly to the EBU free of charge as the annual subscription of £72 is fully inclusive. For further information email:

    At the time of writing, 181 Clubs are set up with this facility and are listed on the Club Page of the Bridge Club Live website

    REMINDER - EBED orders

    EBED orders must be received by Friday 29th May. EBED are currently processing orders for their products and books ONCE A MONTH using the following procedure:

  • Place your order via email to by Friday 29th May
  • Please state your name, phone number, delivery address and details of what you‘d like to order
  • Lisa will call you to take payment on Monday 1st June
  • Your order will be sent out following payment
  • Premier League 2020 Announcement

    The Selection Committee has agreed the following regarding the 2020 Premier League:

    1) The closing date for applications for the 2020 Premier League is extended indefinitely. A new closing date for applications will be announced in due course, when it is clear if and when the 2020 Premier League will be played.

    2) The Committee is keeping the situation under review. Dates may be put back or it may become necessary to cancel the 2020 Premier League entirely.

    3) If the 2020 Premier League is cancelled but the 2021 Camrose Trophy is played, teams will be chosen by some means to be determined by the Committee.

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