Club Grants

For the last few years the EBU has had a scheme whereby clubs could apply for financial assistance for up to half the cost of items of capital expenditure that they would otherwise have difficulty affording, as described in last year’s information about the scheme.

It was intended that the scheme would run again this year on the same basis and today is when we would have been inviting applications. However, the current situation with COVID-19 means that we have decided not to do so this April. Not only are the EBU’s finances under great pressure in the current climate, but it is also unlikely that many clubs will consider capital expenditure to be their priority right now. We hope that clubs and members will understand this decision and we hope to be able to reintroduce the scheme at an appropriate time when the current situation is behind us.

The EBU Lockdown League commences

With an incredible 168 team entry, the new EBU Lockdown League kicked off on Monday evening, with the first of 13 rounds of 8-board matches. Teams have been seeded into 12 divisions of 14, with a 4 up/4 down promotion/relegation system. Matches are scheduled to be played on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays.

We wish all teams the best of luck and, above all, a fun distraction from our current lack of face-to-face bridge!

Chairman's Message - Lockdown Blues

Well, we’re not quite 100% locked down, but it feels like it. The streets are deserted, supermarkets are counting people in and out, and we’re getting used to speaking to people from six feet away. This, in time, will pass. The world we wake up to will be different from the world we know. We will have got used to a different type of behaviour, and to doing different things.

Update from EBED for EBTA Teachers and on Club Teacher Training courses

EBED has published help and guidance for bridge teachers to assist in moving their teaching on-line. Members of the English Bridge Teachers Association (EBTA) can access the information via the Teacher Zone accessible through your MyEBU page. It contains advice on setting up on-line teaching tables and help on web conferencing including a review of the various platforms available.

March Online Competition

March's competition for our online games, hosted by Funbridge, has concluded.

In the main March matchpoints ladder, David Dawson finished top of the leader board. His best six scores in the month averaged 67.95%, and he wins £30. Second place was claimed by Dominic Connolly with an average score of 65.83%, he wins £20. There were also cash prizes for third to fifth places.

In the handicap ladder, for the players whose scores exceed their NGS by the greatest amount. Paul Hawkins finished top of the leader board over the top six games, with a handicap score of 10.25, winning £25. The second place prize went to Bryn Smith with a score of 7.76. There were also prizes for third and fourth place.

Liz Clery wins Quarterly Online IMPs Ladder

The inaugural quarterly IMP competition for our online games, hosted by Funbridge, has concluded.

For the first quarter January to March, Liz Clery finished top of the leader board. She scored 361 IMPs from the total of her best six games, and she wins £30. Second place was claimed by Matthew Covill with a score of 358 IMPs, he wins £20. There were also cash prizes for third to fifth places.

FREE BridgeBase Online League for our members

We are pleased to announce that from Monday 30th March one of our members will be running a FREE BridgeBase Online Teams League for EBU members.

In order to join, all you have to do is send an email to with a team of 4-6 , including including everyone's BBO nicknames and EBU numbers (or email in pairs and Charlie will find you teammates).

The games will take place on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday at 6pm. There will be the option to rearrange matches, so long as they are completed before the next match. Matches will be played over 8 boards for the first season, which may change subject to feedback for additional seasons. Teams will be split into divisions of 8 and at the end the top two and bottom two will go up and down, the objective is to have fun! So relax and enjoy.

Master points will be issued for this event, so this is a good chance to top up on your points during our enforced break! As the league will start next week, don't delay, act today with your email to

The First League Season will be played over 4 weeks so you will play each team twice (aka a double round robin).

Update: Please note, any teams entering after Sunday 29th March, will still be accepted, but will have to work their way through the leagues rather than be seeded.

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