Bridge clubs targeted by email fraudsters

Earlier this year we notified clubs about a spate of fraudulent emails targeting clubs and club officials requesting payments or bank transfers. Unfortunately, we have been made aware of further recent fraudulent emails being sent to club officials.

We would advise our clubs to be very wary of any payment requests, especially if it is not something you are anticipating. Please do not send money to anyone on the basis of what may appear to be an email from a club committee member, without first confirming that it did actually come from that person.

If you have any concerns regarding emails received from the EBU please contact us directly.

November online competition

November's competition for our online games, hosted by Funbridge, has concluded.

In the main November matchpoints ladder, Olivier La Spada finished top of the leader board. His best six scores in the month averaged 66.77%, and he wins £30. Second place was claimed by Dean Swallow with an average score of 66.59%, he wins £20. There were also cash prizes for third to fifth places.

In the handicap ladder, for the players whose scores exceed their NGS by the greatest amount. Nigel Wilkins finished top of the leader board over the top six games, with a handicap score of 9.80, winning £10. There is also a prize for second place, won by Paul Nicholas.

There are some exciting changes coming to the EBU Funbridge games in the New Year. We will have a free game on Jan 1 and on Feb 29. There will not be an annual ladder competition next year, but there will instead be an increase in the prizes in the monthly ladders, especially the handicap one; the IMP ladder will become three-monthly. We hope that all these changes will increase the number of players who win prizes.

EBU accounts - an overview of income and expenditure 2018-19

Every year, the EBU’s annual accounts are made available. This year's account were approved by the Shareholders at the AGM yesterday, and are available online alongside those from previous years which are available at

We are aware, however, that some people find this information a little impenetrable, so some charts were created to give a simple overview of the source of the EBU’s income, and where the money is spent. These can be seen by clicking 'read more'. We hope this is interesting and useful to you in understanding how the EBU’s finances are structured.

Contributions to bridge Recognised at AGM

The EBU presented awards in recognition of various members' contributions to bridge in England at the AGM in London yesterday.

  • Gold Award, for outstanding contribution to the management/administration of the game at national and/or international level - Jeremy Dhondy (picture)
  • Silver Award, for outstanding contribution and recognition of long service as a volunteer at national and/or County level - Steve Barnfield (Picture from presentation in March 2019)
  • Tony Priday Award, for an outstanding contribution to bridge and enhancing the game in all its aspects - John Magee (Mr Bridge) (picture)
  • Diamond Award, for excellence over a sustained period for England's international teams - John Holland (picture from previous presentation), and Robert Sheehan (picture)
  • Dimmie Fleming Award, recognising a long and valuable contribution to county bridge - Bernie Hunt, Essex*; Austin Barnes, Lancashire*; Liz Stevenson, Merseyside & Cheshire (picture); Paul Wilson, Middlesex (picture); Maureen Kimbley, Norfolk*; Sheila Coda, Somerset*; Shirley Pritchard, Surrey (picture); Phil Bennett, Wiltshire*; Janet Latham, Yorkshire (picture)
  • Tom Bradley Award, given to a non-serving school teacher who has made a significant contribution to junior bridge - Giorgio Provenza, Surrey*
  • Alec Salisbury Award, given to a school teachers who have made a significant contribution to youth bridge - Rowena White, Fulford School, York (picture)

* - presentations to be made at another time

Congratulations to all recipients, and we thank them for their contribution.

The Young Player and Young Pair of the Year awards had been previously presented. These recognise outstanding performance for England's Junior teams and were made to Oscar Selby and Ben Norton & Shahzaad Natt.

2019 Sim Pairs prize winners drawn

At this week's AGM the 2019 Sim Pairs prize draw took place. Each host club was entered in to a draw. 3 clubs were drawn from those which have entered the EBED Sims, and 7 from those entering the other sims. Each club drawn receives £250.

Prizes from the EBU Sims

Club names County
Prestbury Duplicate Bridge Club Manchester
Bordon Bridge Club Hants & IoW
Caterham Bridge Club Surrey
Reading Bridge Club Berks & Bucks
Patcham Bridge Club Sussex
Matlock Bridge Club Derbyshire
Milton Keynes Bridge Club Bedfordshire

Prizes from the EBED Sims:

Club names County
Towcester Club Northamptonshire
Noverre Bridge Club Norfolk
Tyler Hill Bridge Club Kent

The 2020 entries for all events are open now. We hope you will take part as the proceeds from each of the events helps to support bridge in England.

  • The British Sim Pairs (in January, April, July and October) and Club Stratified Sim Pairs (in March) help to support the work of the EBU in providing services to you, the members, and to your clubs and counties
  • The Junior Squad Sim Pairs (in February) helps to celebrate and promote junior bridge in England, with funds raised from the event going directly into the junior squad budgets
  • The EBED Sim Pairs (in May and September) helps to support the work of the charity English Bridge Education and Development

For more information on the competitions, and how clubs can register to take part, see the information via the Sim Pairs webpage.

Board and Standing Committees announced

The EBU AGM took place on 27th November. The following people were elected/re-elected to the EBU Board and Standing Committees:

Jeremy Dhondy has stood down from his role as Chairman of the Board and we thank him for his service.


There was one nomination for the position. Therefore, no election was required and Ian Payn will become EBU Chairman for a three-year term.


There was one nomination for the position. Therefore, no election was needed and Gillian Fawcett will become EBU Vice-Chairman for a three-year term.


Heather Dhondy has stood down from her role as a member of the Board and we thank her for her service.

There were two nominations for two positions. Therefore, no election was needed and these positions were filled by Gillian Fawcett and Bev Purvis. Gillian Fawcett was also elected as Vice-Chairman.

The Selection Committee

There were three nominees for two positions. The votes received were as follows:-
Re-Elected for a three year term of office expiring in 2021: Paul Barden - 43 votes; Alan Mould - 41
Not elected: Neil Rosen - 35

The Laws & Ethics Committee

There were three nominees for three positions, therefore no election was required. All of the nominated members - Tim Rees, Martin Pool and Frances Hinden – will re-join the committee for a three-year term.

To see the current members of the Board and Standing Committees, click 'read more'.

Applications For European Womens Trials Closing Soon

Applications to enter the 2020 European Women's Trials, close this Thursday 28th November.

The event is held at Young Chelsea Bridge club on the 3rd – 5th January (stage 1) and 17th – 20th January (stage 2).

The European Teams Championships is the 17th – 27th June in Funchal, Madeira, Portugal. The entry price is £150 per person and closing date is 5pm, this Thursday, 28th November 2019

Please send your applications to or you can also call 01296 317203/19.

More information:

  • Women's Trials
  • European Open Trials

    This weekend saw the trials for the European Open. Following late corrections and the withdrawal of one pair from the next stage, the seven qualifying pars are now:

    Michael Byrne & Kieran Dyke
    Alex Hydes & Ben Handley-Pritchard
    Mike Bell & Ben Norton
    John Atthey & Neil Rosen
    Ben Green & Ankush Khandelwal
    Phil King & Andrew McIntosh
    David Kendrick & Paul Barden

    They will join Jeffrey Allerton & Chris Jagger, David Bakhshi & Artur Malinowski and Andrew Robson & David Gold in the final stage.

    We would like to pass on our thanks to the East Midlands Bridge Club, who have proven to be an excellent and accommodating new venue.

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