Legal System

Would it be legal at Level 4 to play a Prepared Club System that has the options
(i) natural clubs or
(ii) some form of NT or
(iii) weak both majors 4/4 7-11 high card points.

The first two are fine and much played, subject to minimum point counts, rule of 18 etc. But the third options seems to violate both laws 7A3 (must be 8+) and 7B1 (not strong enough and doesn't promise either of the minors).


  • Your (iii) option is disallowed. You might just-about be able to wrangle the shape into being legal under Blue Book 7B1(i): if the hand doesn't have a 4-card minor, it will usually have a legal shape for a notrump opening instead (the least extreme shape that you can't open this way is 5521). However, 7B1(i)(c) explicitly states that you must follow the usual minimum strength requirements for 1-of-a-suit openings when doing something like this, and "7-11 high card points" is well under those (a 4432 or 4441 hand would need 10 HCP to be legal, substantially more than your system offers).

    As a side note, the system would be illegal even at level 5, which is more permissive. Not only is 7 points is just too weak, 9A2e disallows 1-level openings that are two-way with respect to which suits they show (i.e. "clubs or both majors"), except in strong club / strong diamond systems.

  • Thank you. My suspicion, and understanding of the English language, have been confirmed.

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