Insufficient Bid Query

A player bids 5 diamonds, meant as a cue-bid, having failed to notice that RHO has already bid 5D. The offender makes good with a bid of 5 spades, the suit already agreed upon by the partnership. LHO objects and the director is summoned.

LHO is given the option of accepting the insufficient bid and the possible consequences of the bid being refused and cancelled ( offender making a comparable call, etc,etc ). LHO finally chooses to accept the insufficient bid of 5D, but asks whether the 5S bid, now a withdrawn call, is UI to the offender's partner.

For the life of me, I cannot find anywhere in the laws where it says the withdrawn call is UI once the insufficient bid has been accepted.

Remember, the IB was made good (5S) BEFORE director was summoned, then put back when LHO accepted the IB of 5D.

Please put me right.


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