Team with no Results

We had a multiple teams session this evening with ten teams, scored using EBUScore.

During the first round, one of the players in team 2 had a medical emergency which resulted in his being taken away by medics. His partner went with him. The director elected to continue the evening and all boards due to be played at table two were marked there as "No Play". When EW of team 2 came to a table, the boards there would be marked as "No Play".

As such, at the end of the evening, we have a team with no results. When I try to upload it to the EBU, I get a message box saying, "Failure, Team with no Players". This is in error since the team does have players; it just doesn't have any results.

How do I submit this event to the EBU for masterpoints and NGS? Alternatively, how do I re-process it in EBUScore to be able to submit it?

Here's a link to the event on Bridgewebs...


  • In Properties, mark the team as missing. Then ensure all their results have been deleted.

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    edited July 2018

    Thank you, Gordon.

    This, in effect, has deleted Team 2 and the issue is resolved.

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