Defence to Multi

Does anyone have experience, please, of the following defence to a Multi 2!d , so as to be able to offer worthwhile opinions on a sequence which has given rise to a possible ruling? (Assume that the Multi in question is the fairly common version with a weak two in either major, a strong balanced hand of defined range or a strong three-suiter).

Double shows diamonds
A 2!h overcall is for takeout (whatever that means)
Pass can be strong
After a delayed double (apparently showing a better hand than a 2!h overcall), Lebensohl is NOT played.
The system card doesn't mention a 2NT overcall, but the players say that it would be about 15-17 with excellent stops in both majors (apparently AJx is borderline).


  • What exactly is the question?

    I did a long and complicated appeal a while ago with a similar defence where the problem was that one player thought that 2H overcall was take-out of hearts (i.e. short hearts) and the other thought it was takeout of spades (i.e. short spades and long hearts)

    The defence as written above I've never seen and with all of those agreements combined it strikes me as a very poor method, although individual elements of it are not uncommon

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