I am still struggling with the Blue Book with its complex, incomprehensible and ambiguous rules for partnership understandings.
I need to understand levels. It looks as if there are three levels - 2, 4 and 5 and my general assumption is that most club bridge is level 4.
But I have never played anywhere where the level was defined or seen any reference to level in any reference to a competition.
Is there any way that level is specified?



  • One important thing to recognise is that there is no requirement on clubs for them to follow any of these levels. They are used by the EBU in our own events and are available for clubs to use at their convenience. I think you are right that most clubs don't specify anything, but the danger with that is that there is no basis for resolving problems that might arise if anyone wants to play something that others object to. This tends to crop up when new members join a club and have different expectations and background from those at the club.

  • OK. I am left with the self-contradictory 7C1 with its notes, about which much has been said elsewhere.


  • Any club that doesn't want to follow 7C1 doesn't have to.

  • I don't think 7C1 is a problem. Very few players play fancy twos. When they do you just ask them to justify them under 7C1 if there is a problem. The mistake is to try reading 7C1 first: that is like reading the telephone directory to see who is available to phone. I do not believe it is self-contradictory but it is tricky to put in words what is wanted.

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