Pachabo qualification

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Is the qualification process determined by the EBU or the county organisations?

This year my local county only had 6 teams enter a knock-out competition, from which the winning team will represent the county in the Pachabo cup and the runners up will enter a regional competition.

This is normally completed via a knock-out event, with any missing gaps filled with buys. The draw has been published, the competition started and the first round completed, however, it has since been suggested that a repercharge take place instead - with those losing teams competing against each other with the top 2 re-entering the competition.

Do we think that it would be appropriate to change the format at this stage?

It is far from ideal that the competition be so poorly supported and things will surely need to improve the legitimacy of it, but should this change be implemented now?


  • From:

    "...holders of the teams-of-four Championship of each County..."

    It's up to the County to determine the format of that competition.

    The EBU does set out qualification/eligibility criteria that control the suitability of such a team to represent each County (set out in the link), so Counties need to bear those in mind when drawing up their own regulations.

    I do not think it would be appropriate to change the conditions of contest once the competition is under way. It might have been a possibility when the contestants were known, but before the first draw was made, although the entrants ought to be consulted.

    If the County has a "catch-all" regulation (as the EBU usually does) about being able to vary conditions to manage the running of the competition, they might be able to use that - but doing so may well not be sensible (it is, after all, quite a significant change).

  • I think the time to change the format was when the entries were known, before any matches were played.

  • We're having the same problem with our county knock-out cup. We introduced a repercharge this year (with the agreement of all teams) but are probably going to try some form of double-elimination format next year.

  • We have a Multiple Teams Qualifier, with Plate and Final Multiple Teams on the same day
    Then we play a KO for the semi-finals and finals
    Seemed to put our numbers up to 14 or so teams

  • In Gloucerstershire we have been running for many years now with a multiple teams qualifying and then knock-out. We've been commonly 10-12 teams although we did drop to eight teams a few times. The ranking in the qualifying round sorts out the seeding for the KO draw for us.

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