Incorrect use of stop card

Most players seem not to know how to proceed after the stop card has been incorrectly used.
So when a player produces the stop card then does not make a jump bid, what should happen next ?
Should the next player say anything or ask, should partner say anything, should the director be called,
should partner assume the stop card is wrong or the bid is wrong ? Should nothing happen ?


  • If anyone says anything that may lead to UI.
    But the failure to Stop is also UI.


  • As with any apparent irregularity it is best to call the tournament director to make sure both sides are treated properly.
    The TD should probably check that the bid is the intended bid and then confirm that the stop card was used when it was not appropriate. The bid stands - there is no legal basis to force the bid to be replaced by a jump bid. The fact that the stop card was used is unauthorised information, which could suggest various things - the non-offending side should be encouraged to re-call the tournament director at the end of the hand.

  • I've also had a situation where a player pulled out the Stop card before what would have been an opening bid and then put it back and passed. There's no infraction committed but, as already commented, there is often UI associated with misuse of the card.

  • I had a partner who once - responding to my opening bid - put a PASS card on the table, immediately followed it with a jump bid and returned the PASS card to the bidding box. Our opponents were most amused and no real harm done as no one was in any doubt what was intended.

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